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Whatsapp audio and video calls now from Google, learn how

A new feature has come in Whatsapp. Under this new feature, calls can now be done with the help of Google Assitant from Android smartphones. Now users can use Google Assistant to make both audio and video calls of Whatsapp. Google has started making this update available to the users. By now you would have known that text could be made from Google through third-party apps, not alkyne calling. Now, along with sending messages, users will also be able to make audio and video calling.

Let me tell, till now the call was connected through Google Duo after giving the video calling command to Google Assistant. Similarly, Google Assistant used to use the smartphone’s calling service for audio calling. Now, a new option has been added, adding this new feature. In this, commands can be given for Whatsapp audio and video calling.

How to call Whatsapp from Google Assistant: To use this new update Android users should say Hey Google on their smartphone. After this, your Google Voice Assistant will be activated. Now whoever you want to call, give the command after the name of the Whatsapp contact. Like-Hey Google, WhatsApp video soft. The same process will also be applicable for audio calling. Instead of just video, you have to give the command of audio calls.

Slow update roll-out: This feature of Google is not yet available to all Android users. Let me tell you, this new feature or update will run on the same smartphones in which Google Assistant will work. Google is currently in the process of making this update available to the right users.

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