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What will be special in Xiaomi’s 108MP sensor? Will be the first company to use ISOCELL

Xiaomi is soon to launch 4 new smartphones with Samsung’s 108MP camera sensor. Currently, the codenames of these smartphones are ‘Tucana’, ‘Draco’, ‘umi’ and ‘cmi’. These phones were spotted in the MIUI Mi Gallery app. Samsung’s 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor was launched last month. Both Xiaomi and Samsung companies have worked together to bring this sensor. Xiaomi will become the first company to use this 108MP sensor. Where did you start? How Xiaomi is about to launch its first 108MP camera and what will be the specialty of this camera? Know full details in this story:

Xiaomi-Samsung 108MP Sensor: This is the second major collaboration between Samsung and Xiaomi in terms of developing the camera sensor. Earlier, the two companies had collaborated for a smartphone, using Samsung’s 64MP ISOCELL GW1 sensor. Talking about the specialty of this sensor, pictures can be clicked even in very low lighting with this new 108MP sensor. The size of the sensor is 1 / 1.33-inch, allowing light to be absorbed in a better way. For this reason, pictures taken in very low light from this camera will also give good output.

Xiaomi-Samsung 108MP Sensor:  Tetracell technology has been used in this sensor. This adds 4 pixels to 1. With this, the new sensor is capable of taking better photos in low-light. This means that low-light photography can reach the next level with this 108MP smartphone camera. However, we will have to wait for the phone to see its output. This new technology reduces noise and also increases color accuracy. In simple words, pictures taken from it will give better results in terms of clarity and color. This sensor will use smart ISO mechanism when it is a bright light. This will allow users to adjust the level of amplifier gain for better pictures. It will be based on the adjustment light, which will make the images look real.

Which phone will come with 108MP? As of now, as per leaks, Mi Mix 4 will be the phone that Xiaomi will launch with 108MP camera. Now it seems that there is not only Mi Mix 4 but also some other phones of Xiaomi, which will come with this technology. This information was released from MIUI Mi’s Gallery app. According to Leaks, Mi Mix 4 can be launched by October this year. From the Wode names, it seems that Xiaomi 108MP surface can bring four phones.

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