Top Sites That Purchase Used Electronics


You can easily convert your unused tablet or old phones into cash in merely a few minutes by consulting the below-listed websites that purchase and sell old electronic gadgets. Suppose you are willing to eliminate the need to meet several potential buyers, or you want to avoid any form of negotiations. 

Selling used electronics in today’s world has become straightforward than in the past, where selling a single gadget involved multiple decisions. Whereas now, the process of selling any used or old electronics takes only a few minutes, and there exist many more options and platforms than before.  

Tips For Selling Used Electronics 

The below-listed options are the best platforms to sell your old electronics. Here are some tips for boosting your electronics sales. 

  • The First Impression Matters

Make sure you dust off your electronics properly before listing them for sale, even if electronics are not in a working condition. Websites like Craigslist will only exchange money if the device is accessible. 

  • Presentation Is Important

Many buyers make their choices by looking at the image of the device. Before clicking a picture, make sure that the background is clean because that can distract potential buyers. Add a solid color background and perfect lighting for creating a professional shoot that will attract buyers. 

  • Try To Sell The Full Package

Electronic gadgets on sale that include the original charger, packaging, and cords have higher chances of selling than a product that consists of the device only.  

  • Be Honest

Be honest while mentioning all the necessary details regarding your device; being labeled a liar on such platforms will only damage your reputation.  

There are many websites and companies where one can quickly sell and purchase old electronic gadgets, sites that will readily buy your old iPhone, computer, fitness watch, laptop, gaming console, etc. 


SellCell is a trendy website that not only sells but also purchases old and used electronics. The website works on finding buyers that can offer the best prices for your gadgets.  

You have to select the tech category you are willing to sell, such as phone, tablet, computer, other devices, and brand and device model. Later, SellCell provides you the list of best offers from various buyers along with the Trust pilot review score. After choosing a suitable buyer, SellCell will directly connect you with them to complete the final translation.  


Selling old and used techs on Amazon is a very straightforward process, despite how difficult it might seem at first. To start the selling process, one must make a third-party account by providing personal information and tax information.  

It is a vast platform where customers can purchase and sell used products. However, the device does not have to be in working condition while listing them for sale. But make sure you provide all the necessary details regarding the product and its condition to the audience. 

One must pay the final-sale fee and listing fee to Amazon. However, if you are a regular seller, you can open an FBA account by Amazon. This account provides various beneficial services to a seller at the cost of only $39 monthly.  

 Apple Trade-In 

Apple trade-in is a platform that helps sell old and used electronic gadgets from a wide range of companies. Currently, this platform accepts watches, computers, phones, laptops, and other old devices. If the company doesn’t have any trade-in offer for your device, like AirPods or iPods, Apple will recycle your device without charging any fee. Overall, the complete trade-in process requires at least two to three weeks. 

If you are willing to purchase a new device from the Apple Store, the company can credit your payment with the trade-in money once it’s completely processed. Using Apple Trade-In services is only helpful if you are planning on purchasing a new MacBook or iPhone.  


Decluttr is a highly recognized platform for recycling electronic products with over five million+ happy customers. They offer a straightforward selling process and good pay for your gadgets. One can initiate the selling process by downloading their app for iOS and Android or using their official website.  

Start the selling process by selecting the product you are willing to sell at Decluttr, input necessary model information, added accessories, conditions, etc. You will receive an instant price list. Decluttr also backs up your quoted price with a price promise, which states that the seller will recommend their quoted price after reviewing and receiving their product.  

You will receive a free shipping label from the company through email, and you only have to pack your gadget and send it to the mentioned address. 

Decluttr pays their customers quickly, and if for any reason the device is in worse condition than mentioned, the company will contact you and agree on another trade-in offer. They make the payment the day after receiving the device. Sellers can either receive a check, PayPal, or direct deposit.  

 Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace has become a pretty competitive platform for selling an array of products. Product listing is highly straightforward, especially if an individual has a Facebook account.  

It is an excellent platform for selling old and used electronics, although few sellers take the process less seriously than other platforms due to the company’s light-hearted nature.  

Make sure you do not mislead your buyers by changing the mentioned figure after starting a negotiation. Setting low prices at the beginning can confuse and mislead many buyers and against Commerce Policies set by Facebook.  

One of the most significant benefits of using Facebook Marketplace for selling used and old electronics is that Facebook does not charge any selling fees. Plus, one can also search through potential buyers’ Facebook profiles to gather critical reviews and feedback.  


Instead of letting old electronics sit in your home, try selling them online. The sites above will help make the selling process easier and give you some extra money. Selling your old phones and electronics can be a great way to fund a new phone. Check out some of the sites above if you are also interested in buying a cheap used phone.