Top 5 Careers In Computer Tech


A degree in a computer field will lead to various high-demand and well-paying jobs. The best IT jobs pay more than the average median wage of $34,750 and have predicted growth rates faster than 11% of the overall rate expected for the average U.S. job.

Why Should You Work in a Technology Field?

There are multiple reasons you can work in the tech industry. Not just is it the most evolving and active field on this planet, but it provides a high-quality income and immense opportunity for growth. You will have a fulfilling career with excellent pay.

While traditional sciences such as engineering and medicine certainly hold a part in innovation, no field seems to give the opportunity, or the direct encouragement, to build something new, making it a fascinating prospect for people.

Technology Also Includes Meaningful Work

There is a large variety of work-ready. Technology is necessary for almost every industry in the country, including manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, entertainment, journalism, and real estate. Name any industry, and you’ll get dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of technology jobs open. It allows people with a tech background to work in almost every geographical area, any field, and any industry.

Would You be Successful in a Technology Career?

Working in this field takes a lot of dedication and commitment. However, specific characteristics lead to a successful career in technology. As technology careers have lots of scientific reasoning and hard data, being creative is beneficial. It doesn’t matter about the position; working with technology includes finding creative solutions that are visually attractive and usable. This is no coincidence that technology companies are constantly investing in creative industries.

You should also enjoy problem-solving. Almost all the postings for information technology jobs and tech careers have the words “problem solving” in the text. If you are the kind of person who tries to fix the wifi connection, bike, or television, you fit the bill for any IT career without any professional’s help.

A desire to learn is vital, especially if you want to land one of the industry’s best-paying tech jobs. Systems, software, and equipment are evolving faster than ever before, so you need to be completely committed to continuous training through seminars, classes, industry information, and certifications.

While not every technology career is completely tied to the desk, there will certainly be lots of screen time. If the perception of spending hours, usually full work weeks, in front of your computer seems unbearable, then a technology career is not right for you.

Computer Programmer

Writing and testing code for computers and many software applications, computer programmers use ideas, usually created by software engineers and developers, and turn those into real-life programs. Being a computer programmer, you must know computer language, including Java, C++, and much more. However, there is an issue with the technology career. According to the BLS, computer programmers’ job outlook is supposed to decline by 7% between 2018 and 2028. With more than 250,000 total jobs, it will be a great entry career, but there might not be as many opportunities in the coming ten years.

Web Developer

Web developer’s high median pay makes this one of the most desirable jobs in the information and technology sectors. The primary responsibility of a web developer is the creation and design of websites. Not just are you responsible for the complete look and the visual appeal of the website, you are responsible for the technical aspects, like general performance, ease of use, and layout. Web developers’ demand is assumed to grow by 13% within 2018 and 2028, making this one of the country’s most in-demand IT careers.

Computer Support Specialist

By providing help and advice on networks and systems, computer support specialists make computers easier for other people who may not have advanced computer training and knowledge. They might test and then assess existing networks, perform routine maintenance, and troubleshoot systems. A computer support specialist will listen to a user’s issues and troubleshoot and repair advice to solve the problem in many cases. Most of the computer support specialists work for computer design firms. Others can be employed by educational organizations, like local schools and universities. 

Computer & Information Systems Manager

Also known as IT project managers, information and computer systems managers are experienced and advanced professionals who define information technology goals and make systematic plans to meet those. Like several managers, these take the encompassing approach to the jobs, creating long-term plans, organizing phases of an operation, and delegating assignments. These will need to determine both long-term and short personnel needs and staff equally. Being a computer and information systems manager, you will typically lead all computer-related work and then determine the steps to make a better network and software system.

Computer & Information Research Scientist

Being at the forefront of information technology, information, and computer research, scientists design and create new computing technology methods. They examine techniques and invent directions for computers and software. Research scientists create new technology methods for various industries by attacking complicated problems, including scientific, business, and medical fields. A huge portion of information and computer research scientists work for the government. 

Computer Hardware Engineer

These professionals deal directly with the physical components of computers, like routers, processors, memory chips, and circuit boards. They are engineers, and they deal with technology’s physical nature. Part of their tasks includes building new hardware that is more effective or efficient. While computer hardware engineers do not deal straight with code and software development regularly, they can test the completed models of the equipment, seldom using existing programs or software to make the hardware function. 


Technology is among the most in-demand and fastest-growing industries. IT technology can be comprehensive and will include technical jargon that hiring managers may not fully comprehend. Hence, it’s essential to communicate, in a transparent manner, how your experience can enhance your organization. Use the list as a guide to assessing the job salary, outlook, and education requirements for the tech job.