Tips For Taking Good Care Of Electronics


Smartphones, laptops, personal assistants, and many other gadgets are the digital era’s new best friends. Day by day, devices and gadgets are getting more personal and more important for everyone. 

Most commonly used electronic gadgets like phones, laptops, and tablets are dust magnets contaminated with germs, food particles, and other pathogens. Therefore, it is crucial to clean and disinfect these gadgets by cleaning them regularly to remain safe.

Before cleaning any gadget, it is necessary to check the manufacturer’s instructions so that the electronic gadget’s warranty does not get invalidated.

Following are some quick tips for cleaning and storing your gadgets to function them properly:


You should clean and disinfect the surfaces of electronic devices and gadgets daily. Hence, we recommend cleaning your phones and other gadgets with a cloth, cotton, or any other disinfectant wipe with up to 70% isopropyl alcohol to avoid damage. 

You can use some basic household cleaning supplies to clean your laptop. Take a microfiber cloth, cotton, a clean towel, and at least 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. And start cleaning. Don’t spray directly onto the laptop; spray it on the towel and cotton, then proceed.

Storing Devices And Gadgets In Their Case Or Buy One

  • Keep your devices safe:

Buying a phone case or laptop bag to avoid any damage from general wear and tear is worth it. For laptops, tablets, or any other device, keep them in their bag to keep them from dust and other things. For mobiles, you can choose a fun and stylish cover to protect them from damage. Screen guards of the phone also protect the phone’s screen from breaking if fallen. 

  • Protective casings:

Always buy protective casings for your gadgets and devices. Sometimes, they come with upon purchase, but it’s best to get one immediately if the manufacturers didn’t include them. It can help with sudden impact and drops inflicted on the device and prevent severe damage. Be sure to equip your devices for emergency scenarios.

  • Keep gadgets away from high temperature:

Electronic devices are reluctant to high temperatures of any kind. So, never leave them under the sun or exposed to the cold weather. It can damage your gadget’s battery.

Everyday Care And Upkeep

  • Don’t overcharge the batteries:

Overcharging retards electronic devices’ batteries and their regenerative capabilities, leading to a progressive decrease in the device’s capability.

  • Keep food and beverages away from devices:

Watching shows while eating has become common in the last few years. A single food spill can destroy a device like a laptop’s keyboard or mobile’s touch-sensitive panel and other components. So it is advisable to keep food and beverages far away from electronic devices.

  • Organize cords and other accessories:

A mess of cables, cords, random accessories, and power strips on the floors is familiar on working surfaces. However, in a work-from-home climate, fixing them can save you from any incident if you have children or pets at home.

  • Keep gadgets away from children and pets:

At home, if you have children and pets, then you’ve gone through a lot of gadget incidents like chewed-up cords, broken devices, etc. Even sometimes, pets will chew directly on laptops, cell phones, and iPods. So, it is advisable to keep gadgets away from children and pets.

Take Care Of The Batteries

To keep the battery working and functional, charge it properly and store it.

  • Keep your devices and gadgets charged 50% or more mostly.
  • Charge from complete 100% only once a month to recalibrate your battery.
  • Charge your device only when 50% and below and not charge it up to 100%.
  • It is a myth that charging the devices overnight will make them explode. It won’t. However, it can wear out the gadget faster when you leave it plugged in beyond 100%.
  • Also, the extreme temperature can damage the battery and affect its performance. Use and store your devices & gadgets in an area where you will not expose them to extreme heat or cold.

Last But Not Least, Safeguard Your Data

Losing personal photos and documents is so painful. Ensure your data is stored in the cloud and on your device. 

  • Back up your data regularly, 
  • Use various tools for your device for backup and storage. 
  • Use cloud services, like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive. 

That way, you have a copy of your files in case something happens with your device.


It is advisable to periodically clean the electronic devices and gadgets to keep the device fast & secure. It applies the same for temporary files in the system like cache and residuals and optimizes them seamlessly.