The Future Of Dashboard Touchscreens in Cars


Are we getting greedy with upgrades in technology? Earlier, one would be happy using a touch screen that didn’t even have a feather touch, but today there is a need for a sophisticated car infotainment system. Technology combined with luxury is a combination that can provide comfort and entertainment while on the road. Here is a list of mind-blowing technologies that you will want to search for in your next vehicle.  

Apple’s CarPlay

Gone are the days where driving and using your phone was considered risky. If you are an iOS user, Apple’s CarPlay can integrate your iPhone with the car’s dashboard. You can change your dashboard’s themes, and the new iOS 14 update will also unlock some new features. Navigation is simple, so you don’t even have to enter the destination manually as CarPlay can predict your destination by crawling into your emails, messages, contacts, and calendar schedule. With the mapping technology getting more accurate each day, a 3D map is created, and navigating is made comfortable rather than a mere 2D representation. 

The weekend is relatively small, and all would agree on it, right? Planning on a destination can be time-consuming; CarPlay can do the task for you and find out possible locations for you. CarPlay can help you read your text messages and emails and make phone calls or any other item Siri is ordinarily able to help you with through voice commands.

When you are running late on a date or an appointment due to traffic, you can use voice commands to share your ETA with that person proving that you are not making excuses. You can access Apple Music easily and listen to podcasts while on a long drive. Many applications are compatible with CarPlay, and there are over 600 car models like Mercedes Benz that are compatible with it. Hence, driving is made easy, and boredom due to long drives is no longer a hassle. With a sophisticated CarPlay touchscreen design, one needs to say goodbye to the vintage button dashboard.  

Apple’s CarKey

CarKey is part of the WatchOS 6.2.8 update. The CarKey feature is capable of unlocking and locking your automobile and igniting the engine by a tap on your iPhone. If you tend to lose your car keys or drain out your iPhone battery quickly, then Apple’s CarKey is for the rescue. Even when your phone is dead, the car key function is active up to 5 hours from the shutdown period. 

The feature works on the Apple Wallet app, and you can also share your virtual car keys with friends via iMessage. BMW is the first automobile industry to partner with Apple. Cars that are currently compatible with CarKey features are BMW 1 to 8 series, X5, X6, X7, X5M, X6M, and Z4. Other cars might get it soon; Apple is yet to announce their partners. 

Android Auto 

Android Auto is an application developed to be compatible with your car’s dashboard and a bridge that connects your phone to your vehicle. With the Android Auto, you can integrate your phone features and use applications like Google Assistant, Google Navigation, and a wide range of entertainment options. Predictions about your ETA and traffic routes are features that cut your drive time and find efficient ways. You can use voice commands to call, chat, and even read text messages out to you. Even though Android Auto features are similar to Apple’s CarPlay, CarPlay is way more advanced than Android Auto. 

Next, let’s review some of the top features of new vehicles.

RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 dashboard includes an LVDS Video Cable, UAX GPS Navigation Radio Module, and OBD Genie Programmer and has a 12-inch screen with high resolution. It is capable of split-screen technology as well. There are three infotainment system options that you can choose from, 5-inch, 8.4-inch, and the 12-inch option. It is compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto. There is also a semi-automatic car parking feature and a 360 degrees camera capable of viewing from all angles. Type-C and Type-A USB ports are on the RAM 1500. 

EVE For Tesla

The EVE dashboard for Tesla models is also high-tech and sophisticated. It has a large touchscreen to accommodate applications like weather reports, calendars, emails, and stock updates. With RSS feed on EVE, viewing websites, reading news, tweets, and emails becomes easier. The larger screen of EVE has the upper hand as viewing becomes easier while driving. EVECONNECT2 app can connect with your smart home to get updates quickly. Day and night mode is now available as well. Netflix and YouTube are also available using EVE. The Smart Summon app can help you move your car forward or backward in the parking lot remotely. 

Mercedes Benz Hyper Screen

The Mercedes Benz Hyper screen is truly a technology of the future. The entire screen is touchscreen and stretches the whole front section of your car. The addition of AI is a game-changer that will aid in auto-pilot features and make fuel management a reality. Due to AI, user adaptation is smooth and quick. The MBUX Hyper screen panel has ambient lighting, and thin layers provide a crisp detail in the panels. 


 Many have predicted smart car’s future where your car’s front panel turns into a screen. Integrated AI technology will help you drive cars by your phone or in auto mode. The automobile industry is advancing quickly with competitors like Tesla, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.