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The Bad And The Good: Sony’s PS5


There are a lot of things about the expected features for the PS5. There is some new insight into what the new console can do.

These Features Include

PS5 can support expandable storage, but don’t get any NVME drive without the Sony validation if you want to use it with the console. If you’d want to know more about that, then you check out the analysis of the PS5’s internal workings and the explainer on the PS5 SSD storage.

PS5 can support backwards compatibility with apparently all PS4 games, as it is based on a section of PS4’s design.” The performance boost of this PS5 is so essential, however, that the games will require testing. Sony has stated that the majority of the topmost 100 most played games are running, so support is expected for the biggest PS4 titles at the launch.

The console can be presented either horizontally or vertically by using a circular stand. As the stand itself can feel like cheap plastic, it’s sturdy when it is connected to the console. It should also be noted that the shiny plastic strip running down the machine’s center is an absolute fingerprint and dust magnet. With a charming touch, its panels are removable so that you can easily clean the cores of hair and dust relatively easily. Removing its panels can give you access to the storage expansion slot, though this is not tested out yet, as Sony states SSD expansion isn’t ready at the launch. The console storage situation is a kind of question mark, though you can load the PS4 games with the USB storage. In terms of usable storage, the PS5 has 667.2GB, beside the other internal hard drive that is reserved for the system data.

The haptics are obvious from the time you begin playing. As moving the lead character, you will feel the subtle footsteps in your hands, and they can alternate right and left to mimic the steps. That is great, but things can get much more impressive when you’re walking on varied surfaces. It is tough to put into words, but it’s grainy when you’re walking over sand and surprisingly perfect flat slap feeling when the Astro dives into the pool of water. In a sequence, you will feel the rain in the palms, and when it gets changed to the freezing rain, the sensation shifts to be heavier and sharper.

The elements don’t essentially change the style Astro’s Playroom plays. However, they include an extra layer of feedback that can further immerse you in this experience. It is particularly true when most haptic sensations are followed by the sounds from DualSenses built-in speakers. You can close your eyes and know that it’s windy or rainy that the flying car just zipped past you.

  • In the beginning, some games can be released on both the PS5 and PS4 at the same time. We will find whether or not several games, especially the release titles, will be the cross-gen as they release.
  • PS5 can offer the Digital Edition and which will support the physical media. Both the options are going to be ready at its launch.
  • Game installations are configurable thanks to the method in which SSD works. Players can delete the single-player campaign without the removal of multiplayer if developers provide the support.
  • Game sizes should be smaller or be better optimized. Due to the SSD-only solution in the PS5, developers can no longer be required to duplicate the data to create the standard 5400 RPM read faster. It is commented about how the developers can take the advantage of the space may differ; some may opt to make a more extensive or detailed game world, others can be content to shorten the measurement of the patches or games.
  • PS5 will include some cloud functionality – a relatively new frontier for gaming.
  • Confirmed PS5 accessories have the Charging Station, one Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, for more than two DualSense controllers, a Media Remote, and an HD Camera including dual 1080p lenses.
  • PS5 PSVR support, minimum with a current headset, has too confirmed. There is some leak in the design of the patent filed in February of the new headset that can include one rear and two front cameras, with the extra camera on the Move-style controller. It is also mentioned that it could all get operated wirelessly.
  • The PS5 home screen will be more dynamic. It includes being completely displaying the live elements, like showing available missions and allowing players to choose the activity in real-time. As any player, you jump right into anything you prefer.
  • The Geometry Engine is a new block that will give the developers added control over the geometry culling, primitives, and triangles. You can read more about it in Digital Foundry’s analysis.


The new Playstation console has a bevy of new high-end features. 4k gaming at 120hz speeds and even limited 8k gaming. They have also incorporated 3d audio for a new level of immersive sound, and the ability to switch to a low power mode to limit energy consumption. Add all that with ps4 backwards compatibility, a relatively recent feature for Sony consoles, and you have a powerhouse of a console.   


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