Tech Jobs That Are On The Rise


Many people are trying to learn about tech, coding, etc., and they are right to do so because there are many open jobs in this field, and many people want to join tech companies. Even if you do not join a tech company, almost every company requires tech in some form so that you will get employment somewhere. If you want a job in this field or are unsure if you should join the tech field, this article should help you because many good job opportunities here pay you a lot of money if you are aware of tech and how it works. 

You need different skills for different jobs in the tech space, so make sure that you know what stream you are getting into before you decide what job you want. You can get a good job in tech if you have the necessary skill set, but if you are good at communicating and have other skills, you can land even better jobs in the tech space itself.

Senior Technical Director

This job has seen a huge rise in demand, and a lot of companies are looking for a senior technical director. Usually, these senior jobs are very rare to find, but right now, people and companies are looking out for people who can do this job well. If you can lead people well, then this can be a good choice for you. You should be able to lead well and get your team to meet deadlines. 

Server Architect

In this job, you have to look at the company’s storage and server systems and make sure they are functioning well, and everything works. This job has seen a lot of growth, and many companies are looking for capable people who can do this job well. 

Junior Software Consultant

Some software consultants work by themselves, and they give their services to people who contact them while companies hire others. Companies hire Junior Software Consultants to show them how to use computer software to make their businesses better and more profitable. These consultants help their clients and advise them to write code, fix bugs, and configure large applications. It is helpful if you know java, python, etc. 

Junior Technical Support

If you choose this field, it is your job to help your customers and make sure they do not have any issues. Your work can include jobs like maintenance of wireless and wired networks, resetting passwords. You need to listen to your customers’ issues and try to find effective solutions to their problems. 

Junior Technical Consultant

If you have a computer science degree, this can be a good career choice. You can start with an internship if you are not getting any proper job in it. There is a high demand for these kinds of jobs. You will have to provide a detailed analysis to your clients and help them find solutions to their problems and improve their businesses. You should be able to communicate well and even explain difficult concepts to everyone in an easy way. 

Junior Enterprise Architect

Since all companies have become so involved with taking their companies online, it is important to have their IT structure properly to benefit the business in the best way. Even though the job is junior, you will still be required to be very good with computers, and you should have some experience as well. 

Entry-level PC Technician

This can be a good way to gain some experience, and you have to begin with helping your client with their hardware and software issues. You should have a good knowledge of Microsoft and how its products work. 

Junior Helpdesk

Usually, when anyone has issues, you will be the first person connected. You have to be able to solve the hardware and software problems that your customers face. You have to also explain the concepts about IT to your clients who do not know much about the topic, so you must be good at explaining. 

Entry-level PHP Developer

This job grew the most recently, and if you get into this, you will most definitely get a job that pays you quite well because of the increase in demand for PHP developers. In this job, you will have to test the software systems of different applications. You will also have to build codes for different web applications. As the name suggests, you must have some experience scripting in PHP.

Web Developers

If you choose this job, you will have to use code to create online software according to your client’s specifications. There is a lot of demand for this job, and if you can do it well enough, most people do not even look for someone with an actual formal degree. Mostly they just want their work done well.

Mobile App Developers

This job would require you to create new products or change some products that exist and make them compatible to be used on phones and tablets. Since so many people use mobile phones, it is now very important for companies to have good mobile applications for their websites, leading to a huge increase in app developers. Usually, the people who do this have a degree in software engineering, but now many colleges offer separate courses for mobile development. 

Market Research Analyst

These people will collect all the data to determine what the consumers want and how much they are willing to pay for what features. If you hire some of these people for your company, they will prepare a report for you telling you how the market will respond to any product you decide to launch. There are people from many different backgrounds who do this job. 


Tech is one area where there is a lot of growth. The recent pandemic has caused most of us to stay in our homes, and because of this, we are very dependent on technology to help us do our day-to-day activities. There is still more room, and there will be growth in the tech space, and if we stay up to date with it, you will be able to get a great career in tech if that is what you want. Even if you do not have a degree for these jobs, you can still learn about them and grow any business a lot. 

If you have a business right now, you should be aware of what is happening in tech because someone in this field might help you grow your business in a very different way. Although there is unemployment in many places, you can always find a job if you know where to look for one. Tech is one field where you will get a good job where you can expect to rise in the future and get a lot more job opportunities with it.