Pros And Cons Of Technology In The Classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything in our everyday life, and in that, it also affected education. It redefined the value that technology in the classroom has in higher education; educators now have to navigate new engagement techniques and distractions. Technology in the school once served as a complement to the learning experience, but now, it’s an essential part of education. When class is over, many students use educational technology to complete assignments or textbook readings at their speed. The pros and cons of technology utilization in the classroom offer workable solutions to meet your students’ needs. Technology can be beneficial and problematic for students at the same time within the confines of the classroom and learning environment.

Pros Of Having Technology In The Classroom

Technology Makes Learning More Appealing

There are many research reasons why technology engages the young mindset, but you don’t need to be a scientist to understand its engagement potential. Technology can engage students with fun learning experiences, which is often struggling to create on paper. Bring that exciting technology into the classroom, and your students will be just as involved with learning as they are with their social media feeds. It opens up lots of opportunities for learning to advance in the classroom.

A Variety Of Resources

Technology provides plenty of useful resources for students, teachers, and even parents. For instance, if a student needs help with math homework, they can find lots of material on a website or on YouTube that provides tutorials and similar problems that can be helpful. YouTube has many educational channels that help bring education to life. Search engines offer several virtual classes for students and teachers. Various websites allow students to review material. 


In 2021, grades, attendance, and other referrals are frequently made online and shared immediately between students and their teachers and parents. Technology makes learning more efficient. Nowadays, the parent-teacher conference is also much more manageable with a zoom call or on email. Assignments are already posted to a class website or on Google Classroom if a student misses class.

Updated Information

Technology provides students and teachers immediate access to updated information. Updates to online textbooks happen almost instantly, where revisions to on-paper materials take place over months or even years. Those days are gone for cutting out articles from a newspaper to discuss current issues in a classroom. Now, those recent events are reported in many online formats and on many major news sites. 


Using technology can save money thanks to all of the free and quality resources you can find online. Digital resources can help a district cut back on paper and printing costs. 

Cons Of Having Technology In The Classroom


Distractions are the major cons in the technology field. It has many distractions like pop-ups, ads, games, fun websites, news, social media, text messages, and more that are continually competing for attention. That means teachers face many challenges in keeping students focused. By establishing clear consequences and expectations, teachers can encourage students to focus on their tasks or work. Parents can also set up internet blocks to keep students from visiting other sites while they are supposed to be working.

Excessive Screen Time

Students are always in front of smart devices, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and computers. Incorporating technology into the classroom increases the amount of exposure to electronic devices. Too much screen time can harm eyesight and can cause various aches in the body.


Cheating has always been common in classrooms, and technology has made it easier in many ways. Students can copy and paste their fellow students’ work or copy it from Google into their assignments. They can even search the Internet while giving tests and cheat easily.

Less Human Interaction

Technology has already reduced human interactions, and while students use tech devices, it has been increased more. Nowadays, parents worry that lack of real-life socializing will make students unable to communicate when they need to have a real-life conversation. Tech is a tool designed to make our lives efficient and more manageable and are the most advanced educational tools, following in the steps of other transforming classroom techs like pencils and chalkboards. Ensure that your student has adequate time interacting with friends and family over video calls and not just text messages. 

Technology Can Be Isolating

Working alone behind a screen can become lonely, mainly when students use technology as a distance learning program. It makes it more essential to make things up with collaborative activities on discussion boards and cloud documents. You can also use video software to give students a more real sense of connection.

Final Words

Technology has no shortage of potential, but the way you use it is what is important. Time spent with loved ones is important and cannot be replaced by a screen. There are times to be on smart devices and times to drop the device and interact with the people around you. Implement technology in your life meaningfully, and you can have more benefits without the cons.