Prevention Of Cyber Attacks


We live in a technologically driven world which demands all the critical information and business data to be stored using machines and software. There is no doubt that such digital innovations have made the storage of data super easy and convenient, but they also come with their share of risks and uncertainties. We’re talking about cyber threats and identity theft here. To keep yourself safe from identity thieves and the damage they cause, continue reading this guide, where we will get into the details of ways to prevent cyber attacks. Let’s get started!

First Of All, What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is when someone breaks into your system and steals your personal information such as name, contact number, residential address, social security number, credit card details, etc. This information is then used to take over your identity and then commit fraud. There are many types of identity thefts, but the most common ones are financial, criminal, child, and medical identity theft. But, how does one commit identity theft? Let’s find out. 

What Is The Cause Of Identity Theft?

Considering the rapid pace at which the number of identity thieves has been increasing over the past few years, several causes are behind it. However, the most prevalent and widespread reason is a data breach. This is usually with the software of big companies or organizations wherein numerous people’s personal information can be accessed at one time. Not only the company members but even their family members become the victim of identity theft. 

Now that we have the basics in check, we’re fit to understand how to prevent such cyber threats and ensure security as much as possible.

WIFI Security

Most of us have our devices connected to a particular wifi network, whether at home or work. Even though wifi systems significantly add convenience to daily internet usage, they can be easily infected. And once wifi gets infected, the identity thief can access the information present in all the devices to which the wifi network is connected. The best way to keep this from happening is by securing all the wifi networks in the workplace or at home and hiding them somewhere only you know. 

Update Every Software

The best way to protect your business and employees is by keeping the business software updated at all times. This is because every software comes across new types of breaches and vulnerabilities every few months. Whenever a new kind of intrusion appears, an updated version will fight against it. This is why it is of utmost importance to keep your business software under check to keep intruders from accessing the data. 

Employee Training

You can’t prevent cyber crimes from taking place if your employees are not informed about them in the first place. Not only should they be told, but also trained about certain dos and don’ts. Educate them about how these threats appear and how to not fall for them. Ensure that each one understands how to receive unknown emails, how checking the links before opening them is crucial, and, most importantly, making them aware that anything that seems odd should not be accessed and informed to the concerned authority immediately. 

Keep Unique Passwords

The worst thing you can do to your business is to keep the same password for every software and system that holds critical information. By doing so, you are practically inviting identity thieves into not one but all the systems at once. This is why you should always keep a highly distinct and unpredictable password for each software. Moreover, we also recommend that you keep changing the password regularly to limit intrusions. These may seem like small and inadequate steps, but they genuinely prove helpful in the long run. 

Hire Professionals

Hiring a third-party security service is undoubtedly the most reliable way of fighting cybercrime. These services will take responsibility to ensure your business and employees’ security as they are trained experts in this field and know how to tackle cyber threats. The security team will create a unique, multifactor authentication security system, monitor each software, identify any potential cyber threats, and keep them from hampering the system in any way. This is why employing trained professionals is the best way to ensure security. 

Additionally, you may also consider the following actions:

  1. Install Antivirus In All Systems
  2. Make Data Backups
  3. Form Strong Internal Controls
  4. Use Firewalls
  5. Install Edr- Endpoint Detection And Response


Undoubtedly, cybercrime and identity theft are significant issues, hampering your business and causing harm to its employees. But, they can be prevented up to a great extent, as mentioned in this write-up. By adopting the above-given methods, you can keep data breaches from happening and achieve an overall secure operation for your business.