New Tech You Will Use Daily


Technology is an investment that never goes wrong. But if not invested in the right thing, you might be wasting your money on an outdated gadget. Technology is one world that sees drastic evolution over a few years. Hence, path-breaking technologies have replaced the devices that were once revolutionary. Therefore, to make sure your investments remain worthwhile till you reap benefits from them, keep an eye on the market trends and launches!

With many corporate worlds embracing the work-from-home and workcation, there is a rising investment in gadgets to make your homes look more work-friendly. Here are some tech devices that will help you work smartly from the remote corners of your dream vacation spot or the comfort of your couches! 

Let’s Set Up The Workstation!

Prepping up the home as your workstation may require quite a lot of addition. Apart from setting up an ambiance for professional vibes, you need to stock up the gadgets to get on with all the work that your office allows you to do. 

Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Earbuds are necessary for easy calling access—no more fidgeting with the wires and no more hanging onto phones for calls. 

Premium ranges of earbuds from the giants like Apple, Samsung, and Sony are an excellent pick to complement your working style. But to be frank, there is no shortage of options. Bluetooth earbuds with multiple features to prioritize over can fall over a broad range of prices. A key feature to look for regarding the work is excellent audio quality along with noise cancellation features. While buying earbuds, do check for the comfort of the buds. You don’t want to spend hours wearing an uncomfortable accessory over your ears as you work! 

Key competitors are Sony WF-100XM4 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. And, of course, the list is incomplete without the Apple AirPods


If your work from home requires you to record or send audio often, consider investing in a microphone. Depending on their use, there are different types of microphones that you may need. The collar ones record your voice exclusively, while the condenser mic records music (yes, it catches even the delicate background noises). If you are looking for external recorders along with the camera, you might have to invest in costlier gadgets to get the desired benefits. Additionally, you might also have to buy accessories to ensure that the outdoor recording goes fine. 

Blue Yeti hands down beat any other contender in the condenser mic ranges. These USB microphones, along with their sleek appearance, and multiple audio patterns, all at an affordable price range, make them the best buy option. 


A portable wireless loudspeaker is a must because you never know when you might need them! Be it to accompany your lonely walks or bathroom melodies, these speakers will help you fill the silences you don’t want with their booming voice!

Sony XB12 is an excellent choice with a compact size and waterproof option. Another great contender in this price range is JBL GO2 Portable Speaker. Going up in the price range, you can lay hands on premium devices, which increases the experience. With superior sound quality and stellar battery life, the pricey ones are also worth it! The top picks here are UE Megaboom 3.

Power Banks

These are truly life saviors. Considering the dependence on technical gadgets in our day-to-day lives, the day becomes hard to manage if one fails to work. Now, you don’t need to worry about the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ with these highly efficient power banks that can save your day. Before zeroing on one, check for compatibility with your device.

A smartphone does not demand large power, whereas a laptop does. Hence keep in mind the requirement before buying one. Mophie and Anker are some companies to look for. Keep in mind the quality and the idea of portability in mind before investing in any of the gadgets. Make sure to add them to your list if you are planning a workstation to a remote location!

Electrical Outlets

Once you have your devices set up around the house, the common problem you might face is not enough outlets. Though you can always rely on the chunky extension boards handed down by generations if you believe it is time to change the style, these Tab The Power Strips are for you.

Plugin as many sockets as you want and increase the plug points to the desired level. This innovative design makes it easier to use and store away. The innovative design indicating the power outlet and easy tap and remove options make these sockets a valuable addition for your offices. 

For Fun Along The Way!

If you are an avid gamer, you might want to invest in these accessories to up your game. They might not be essentials; they are a luxury you can treat yourself for stepping ahead in the game!

Gaming Chairs

These chairs are ergo dynamically designed to aid your body during long sitting hours. Alternatively, these are also a good option if you want a comfortable seat!

If you have long sitting hours, then check for seats that allow you to do so comfortably. These chairs are crafted to avoid problems related to long sitting hours, hence boosting productivity. And as the design value increases, so does the price range. However, what you should look for in the chairs is comfort. The designs should in no way hinder the game. 

Secretlab’s and AndaSeat are few companies to surf through for quality, comfortable chairs. Depending on your requirement, you can always move up the ladder.

Gaming Projectors

Gaming projectors are a fad that calls for indulgence from avid gamers who want to have a high visual experience. Battling it out on the big screen gives you a total immersive effect and may help you have a bigger picture of your enemies! If you want a projector to pair with PS5, check out the latest drop from BenQ- X1300i, which offers gamers an exquisite experience with great battery life. 

Depending on your console, look for a high refresh rate and low input lag in your projector. So as the value goes along each, the price goes up. Hence, depending on your budget, you can also pull down one of the specs to bring the projector to an affordable range.

A Wireless Headset

A true gaming headset, the Xbox Wireless Headsets are a perfect addition to the Xbox Series. The high-quality headset comes packed with all features needed for a gaming enthusiast to spend hours away in their gaming world. The thoughtful design makes sure you are not fumbling on the buttons while you game. Other than the design, the gaming headset fairs alongside its competitors in the price bracket of $100. 

If you want to go up the scale, the SteelSeries Arctis and Sony WH-1000XM4 are worth looking out for! These headphones (just as the price entails) give a better quality of battery life, extending up to 30 hours.

Stream Your Nights Away!

Bulb Color

Setting up an ambiance is equally important as the location itself. The Wyze bulb has you covered by offering you an option to choose from a staggering collection of 16 million colors and temperatures to set the ambiance you desire! From the brightest luminance to the softest touch, the LED bulb offers you a wide range of lumen along with smart controls. So next time, rather than setting them manually, just ask Alexa to change the vibe!

Sound Systems

Sound systems are an essential part of giving a wholesome and immersive experience. They help to improve the movie-watching experience manifold.

 If you want to upgrade your sound system without any hassles, the soundbars are a good option. You can check out Roku Smart soundbars that instantly elevate the experience under a budget. Soundbars are all in one; hence you don’t need to fidget between different speakers and amplifiers of the sound system. Moreover, they have an edge on the style quotient. 

However, the traditional systems are not bad themselves. Check out the wire and wireless options among them to make the setting hassle-free. 

Smart TV

Smart TVs are the new ‘it’ streaming platforms for all! The smart TV integrates your streaming platforms with better quality audio-visuals, enabling you to enjoy your Saturday nights on the couch! For a high-end version, you can browse packs for the premium brands like LG and Samsung. Though these are higher in the price range, their output is exceptional, making them a good purchase. 

The LG OLED TV does feature in many lists. Other top contenders are Samsung and Vizio. However, if you are looking for a more economical option, it is better to look up with the local store owners. 


Technology always keeps on evolving. With each new day, the field takes a new turn in terms of ideas and designs. It is important to keep yourself equipped with the latest technology to ensure you are not missing anything. However, buying the top-notch in the industry makes sure that your product lives viable for long.