Is It A Bad Idea To Buy Your Child A Tablet?


There is no standard when it comes to giving a child a tablet as long as there are rules like all other items. As a parent, you get to decide what is best for your child. There are many recommendations regarding what is best, but ultimately it comes down to your choice. 

What Is The Right Age For A Tablet?

Parents must answer themselves why they want to buy an electronic gadget for their child? Is it to increase learning value or practice some skills? Learning beyond the electronic is much more important than knowing everything from a screen.

It is not recommended to buy a child under six a tablet. If you allow your child to use your tablet or phone, limit it to under an hour. According to The American Academy of Paretic’s, children below two should not be on electronic gadgets, including TV. They should be encouraged to learn the old traditional way.

Dangers Of Tablets For Young Children  

  • Tablets Don’t Enhance All Skills

A tablet may help a child develop mind and body coordination, but there are certainly a few critical skills not set by tablets. A child spending too much time on screen will lack imagination and develop fixed notions. According to researchers’ children who learn on-screen are detrimental to reasoning development and creativity.

  • Tablets Will Interfere With Your Child’s Sleep

One of the most common side effects seen in children using excessive tablets is disturbed sleep patterns. It is essential to limit the screen time to under an hour for all children between 6 to 13. It will be perfect for keeping children below six away from all kinds of screens.

  • Tablets Are Addictive For Children

Similar to TV and computer games, even tablets are addictive for children. If your child spends too much time on a tablet or phone, there is a high probability of them having an addiction to tablets. Addiction to tablets and phones will hamper the reasoning and personal development of the child.

  • Tablets Will Make Your Child Unsocial

Humans create emotional bonds through social interaction. Too much use of tablets and mobile phones will make your child aloof, hampering the bonds of emotions and relationships. To improve personal bonding and strengthen your child’s cognitive capabilities, keep away tablets, mobiles, and other electronic gadgets.

  • Use Of Tablets Will Increase Lethargy

Children who are happy with tablets and mobile phones will be aversive to physical activity. In most studies, children were delighted sitting down in a place when given mobiles or tablets. If your child is becoming inactive, it can hamper their physical and mental development. It can also result in excessive weight gain leading to obesity and other lifestyle diseases early.

A Few Benefits Of Tablets

  • Tablets Help Enhance Language And Math Skills

Research conducted in 2010 found that children who learn on tablets develop language skills faster than other children. Incredible improvements were visible in letter identification, mental maths, correct pronunciation, rhyming, and comprehension. Studies state the improvement level was more than 30%.

  • Tablets Encourage Fun Learning

An incredible benefit seen by the use of tablets is the level of curiosity in a child. A child enjoys learning on apps and tablets. Research shows that 95% of children enjoy learning on apps, and those who are weak learners showed remarkable improvement when shifted to tablet visual lessons.

  • Develops Familiarity With Technology

You are illiterate if you cannot use the technology. As time will move the world will be more and more dependent on technology. If your child is learning on a tablet, one thing is sure that they will not become aversive to technology. Your child will be able to handle technology with ease in the future also. With changing times and home learning, more and more people, especially children, will depend on technology for their class assignments.

  •  Suitability In Learning

Appropriate size and lightweight make a tablet an ideal choice to replace books or even TV lessons. Tablets and iPads also give an edge to parents to monitor children’s activity. You can do many things apart from learning, like playing games, listening to music or watching a series, and even scheduling an online class.


The technology is expanding and will grow further in the coming years. The importance of screen time, however, remains essential not only for children but for adults too. It can never be possible to keep your children away from tablets, mobiles, or even TV. As a parent, we must know the pros and cons and then decide the right age to introduce your child to a tablet.