Interesting Arduino Projects


There is no feeling more special than working on your very own project, especially when it comes to science lovers. Children who love science and technology prefer playing with toys that require them to plan, execute and experiment. And adults, on the other hand, adults enjoy making actual, usable objects by applying basic principles on a delicately designed project that may also be used for home automation. And in doing so, one of the most widely used equipment is an Arduino board. Due to increased availability and knowledge of usage. Arduino boards are growing more and more popular by the day when working on different project ideas.

What Is An Arduino Board?

In the simplest words, Arduino is nothing but an electronic system capable of receiving and reading a variety of inputs such as light and touch sensors, pushbuttons, etc., and then turning it into the desired output, which comes as a response to the read input. This board can function independently, or you can connect it to another device such as a computer, laptop, android phone, etc. There are different Arduino boards such as Arduino UNO R3, Arduino nano, Arduino pro mini, LilyPad Arduino, etc. Now that we have understood the fundamental concept of an Arduino board, let’s look at some innovative project ideas. 

Television Remote Control

Building a remote control for your TV set is just as exciting as it sounds! And the best part is that you don’t need to be an expert at using Arduino boards. With basic soldering practice, you can design the perfect remote control for your television right at home. You will certainly need a physical remote-like case, but you can acquire that with a 3D printer. It is an interesting Arduino project that can be useful in real-time. 

Weather Forecaster

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a self-built little machine on your dining table that informs you about the weather conditions every day so that you can plan your schedule accordingly? If you have access to a barometer and servo motors, building a weather forecast can be one of the best project ideas. This is also one of the ideal projects for working with an Arduino board for the first time.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer

Considering the growth of deadly viruses like the coronavirus, the use of hand sanitizers is at its peak. However, when several people touch the sanitizing bottle, it is bound to carry germs and bacteria on the outer surface, defeating its purpose. But guess what? You can build a touchless hand sanitizer using an Arduino board and an ultrasonic sensor right at home! 

Computerized Chess

Chess enthusiasts, this one is for you! As we all know, chess is a game of skill and intelligence, and you can prove your intelligence even more by building your own digital version of the game. So, if you have basic coding skills and can gather a touch screen and audio board, you are sorted to make a digital chess game and impress your competitors before even starting the game! 

Pet Feeding Machine

If you constantly worry about your pet’s hunger while at work, this innovation can be an absolute blessing for you as well as your pet! This may be a tedious project, so we recommend experienced Arduino users for this one. You would also need access to a 3D printer to make up for the major parts to make this. Other than that, with basic building skills, you can create a timely, adjustable pet feeder. 

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners can prove useful to enhance the security system in your house. By putting together some general building elements and an Arduino board, you can easily prepare a fingerprint scanner and position it anywhere around your house. You don’t necessarily have to put it at the garage door or front entrance; you may also place it to secure your piggy banks or even the refrigerator, for that matter. 

LED Display

You see, LEDs have been taking over interior design for the past few years, majorly because they are more energy-efficient, last longer, and look attractive. And when you can build your own LED display using an Arduino board, LED lights, and a couple of resistors, you can go completely crazy over the design. You can make it in your favorite color, shape, text, font, symbols, and whatnot. 

Intruder Alerting System

Another way of solidifying your home security system is by arranging an intruder alerting system. This system basically sends an alert message or call on the home owner’s smartphone in case of intrusion in the house. For making this, you would need an Arduino Uno as well as a GSM model, which will be sending you those alerts. You will also need some sensors to track the intrusion. 

Password Keeper

We all use a hundred different apps, websites, and software daily, and all of them require a password. It is understandably frustrating when you just cant recollect the password for one of them at the right time, and this is where a password hoarder comes into play. You can store all your passwords into this device and even add a typing system that will type them out for you, using an Arduino board. 

Touchless Garbage Bin

All homes have garbage bins, but most people have to physically touch the bin in some way or the other to open it. However, with an Arduino board, you can build a touchless garbage bin that simply opens its mouth whenever you hover your hand over its head. When deadly viruses are on the rise, it is best to build and use as many touchless gadgets as possible. 

Well, these were some of the most interesting project ideas that you can take up this summer. Other than these, you may also consider the following ones:

  • Sensor station
  • Kitchen timer
  • Solar panel for sun tracking
  • Lie detector
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Speedometer
  • AR laser cutter
  • Photography set
  • Battery capacity tester
  • Range locator
  • Social distancing sensor


In a nutshell, there is a wide array of tools and gadgets that you can build using an Arduino board. These project ideas will keep you busy and also get your creative juices flowing. We wish you all the best in your new innovations in construction and design.