Insane Facemask With Cool Features


The pandemic has been around long enough for people to feel the need to introduce a safer alternative or a high-tech version to the stringed masks that leave one’s ear numb at the end of the day. 

The traditional face masks such as surgical masks, cotton masks, and even homemade cloth masks can often be uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and even unfashionable for many and even have been used to excuse why they don’t wear one. 

Companies and innovative individuals around the globe have been putting efforts and ideas into creating a mask that doesn’t just protect one from the virus but also includes quite a few cool features. Features such as Bluetooth to LED lights and bold designs make it all the more appealing and impressively effective in more than one way.

Below are some of the most insane face mask innovations and ideas you could see in the market.   

Project Hazel By Razer

Razer is a gaming software company that revealed its plan on releasing a face mask in January, which, according to them, will be the most intelligent face mask ever. While the mask is not on the market, the prototype on their website is cool enough to boost anticipation. 

Project hazel will feature a transparent front, bacterial filtration device similar to the N95 masks and as efficient, built-in mic and amplifier, and a colored light mode that activates in the dark.  

What’s more, the mask comes with a fast wireless charging case that recharges the detachable ventilator, among other features. It has an auto-sterilization function through the lined UV light interior, eliminating any bacterias and viruses as the mask charges.

The design is sustainable, unlike disposable masks, and is also scratch-resistant and water-proof, making it a durable alternative. However, the masks use ear loops instead of other attachable options, which could be a put-off for many. 

Mode By R&N

San Francisco-based two teen sisters came up with the idea of Mode, which is a modular face mask, allowing users to take individual pieces out of the mask, wash, and reuse them. 

The mask ticks all the points of being eco-friendly with an inner layer made of fabrics such as merino wool and micro modal, both of which are biodegradable, sustainable, odor-resistant, and temperature regulating, eliminating chances of a hot or sweaty mask.

A silicone mask frame that helps keep the mask elevated away from your face. The mask uses a band that sits at the base of your neck and utilizes magnets to tuck them close.

Xupermask By William Adams 

This super mask is flashy in terms of the outer look it serves and includes mind-blowing features. The features include Bluetooth, noise-canceling headphones, led lights, a microphone, HEPA filters, magnetic earbud docking system, three-speed fans, and seven long hours of battery life. 

The Xupermask was sold out almost instantly and currently has its second batch under preparation. Moreover, the FDA has not yet approved the mask but has granted permission for it to be used by public healthcare workers and professionals for the time being. 

Silicone Adhesive Mask By IdMASK

This is a mask that doesn’t leak, fits all face sizes and shapes, and doesn’t even put the slightest pressure on the ears, head, or back of the neck.  

idMASK is a United States company founded in the year 2014 by Henry B. Sung. As the pandemic struck and pictures of healthcare workers with scarred faces surfaced, the team lead by Henry’s younger sister Lina sung designed the masks that use silicon adhesive instead of ear loops. The silicone adhesive is the kind that is used in adhesive bras, making the mask 100% airtight no matter the shape or size of the face.

The company further plans on using the same adhesive technique for the medical-grade N95 masks to make them much more comfortable and wearable for a longer duration on a daily routine. 

Blanc By Blanc Inc

Designed by a team of IT experts, Blanc is a full-coverage face mask that splits into two symmetrical pieces, which with the help of magnets, click together and cover your entire face.

A strap that goes around the back of your neck is to hold the mask in place. The multiple HEPA filters and an airtight design protect one from outside particles from pollens to air pollution, not to mention the viruses and bacterias. The visor strip has been tinted such that the person can see what’s happening outside clearly, but no one else can see inside or even recognize a person. If you are someone who is up for trends like these and want to experience something out of the box when it comes to face coverings in public space, Blanc is the mask for you. 

C-FACE By Donut Robotics 

This mask add-on called the C-Face is by a Japanese startup Donut Robotics, and you can wear it over any regular face mask. The remarkable features of the mask include its ability to record and transcribe conversations into text formats via Bluetooth, amplify the person’s voice for better communications, and even make calls. It is currently only available in the Japanese market. 


These masks give you the ability to be comfortable all day and protect you from bacteria, viruses, pollen, or allergens. Ensure that you find a mask that correctly fits your face and allows you to breathe easily.