Improve Your iPhone Photography Skills


Iphones come with great cameras. Most people will say that the iPhone camera is the best among all cameras. Many people use their mobile phones to replace actual cameras, especially when they start because everyone has a phone. It is easy to simply use the camera instead of buying a professional DSLR and lenses and figuring out how to use it. However, it is harder to use these products to simply use a normal iPhone and use it with some additional accessories to get some perfect pictures.

Moment Lens Starter Set

A great way to improve photography in your phone is to put a lens over the smartphone camera. It might not improve the image quality a lot, but you can get better angles and expand the way you take photographs. You can find some cheap options to buy a lens like this. However, a Moment lens would be a good option, and it can mount securely to your phone with no risk of it falling off. You can take many different types of photos, but you can begin with the starter set. There are various other lenses from Moment for videographers.

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

no list regarding photography can be complete without a tripod. Tripods are great if you want to put your phone down and get a steady shot. Most photos get spoiled simply because you and maybe unstable when you click the image. This particular tripod is quite old, and it is very reliable. Manfrotto built it extremely well. You can fit even larger phones onto it easily and securely. You can always find a cheaper tripod that will work for you. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a tripod if you are just getting started. 

Lume Cube 2.0

This device is very small and compact, and you can take it everywhere to click photos. It connects with your phone through Bluetooth, and it acts as a flash. It can adjust its light based on what the image requires. The Lume cube can give a small flash for pictures or stay on continuously if you need to take a video. This device is waterproof as well. You can use it for selfies, live streams, or with action cameras. 

Hitcase Pro

This is a waterproof case, and it protects your iPhone as it is shockproof. There are add-on lenses as well. It can mount the same way that a go pro does. You can carry this on all your adventures with you, and you do not have to worry about dropping it from a height or in water. Even though most phones now are waterproof, you can still use this as an extra layer of protection from the water and a way to keep your phone safe from breaking. 

Waterproof Case For Underwater Photography

 Although iPhones are waterproof now, they only have an IP 67 water and dust rating. This means it only protects the phone underwater for a certain depth for 30 minutes. With these cases, you can take your iPhone underwater to much deeper places, and these cases can withstand the pressure of water in these deep places and keep water away from the phone for longer periods. They test these cases a lot to ensure maximum safety. This is simply an additional layer of protection because sometimes you might be unaware of how long your phone is in the water or how long it is in there, and you might damage the phone due to this. 

Remote Bluetooth Shutter

 This is a valuable product as you can use it from very far away. You can keep your phone mounted somewhere, and you can simply use this shutter remote which connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and it can click photos very easily. Of course, you could use the camera timer or try to hold it yourself, but this device can ensure that you get the best images that are very good and steady as possible. You can pose yourself, get ready and when you want to click the photo, all that you must do is click the button when you are ready. 

 Power Bank

A lot of people may ignore these devices, but if you are going out of your house, sometimes you may not have access to a charger for a long time, and a power bank can be a handy device in such a situation. You also get batteries attached to cases, and you can put these cases on your phone, switch them on whenever you need them, and your phone charges directly. These battery cases will make your phone heavier, but it is worth it if you need a quick charge as they might be able to give you a lot of extra battery, especially if your phone is old and the battery dies very quickly. Also, they are not very expensive to buy so you get them quite cheap. 

 A Portable Projector

 You get small projectors to show the pictures you snapped on a wall or a car. These are very light and portable. However, the photos might not be very clear as it is very small and compact. You may have to keep the projector very close to the wall, you can try to keep it far, but if the image is too big, it will be very faint. Despite all this, it is still a good purchase. 

Fuji Film Instax Share SP-3 

This camera gives you the photos directly when you click it. Even though keep all our pictures on our smartphones can be better. Sometimes having an image in your hand can be a good experience. Since this device is a modern one, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to this camera, and it can print out your photo in a polaroid form. You can use many devices to do the job for you; however, this product can give you the best results. Some situations will require you to have physical photographs, and in these situations, these cameras can be very useful.

Rode Video Mic Me-L 

This product is more useful for videographers, but if you are in someplace and need to take a video, having a good mic is crucial. Especially if you make videos for others to view because many people will sit through a bad video, but if the audio is not up to the mark, they will not want to watch your content. Iphones can shoot 4K video, and you can also download good apps like filmic pro to record videos, but the microphone on your iPhone is not very capable so upgrading to this one is a good choice. The microphone runs on the power provided by the phone, so you do not need to have any additional power source like a battery. This device can help improve audio quality and reduce the background noise as much as possible. 

Photography Ring

 This product is quite cheap. You can simply put this around your camera, and it gives a bright light around the lens, making the place appear better and brighter. This can help the light come from one space, and the light looks even too as it comes from the front and minimizes shadows. You can use this for photography, videography, or even online calls. 


Your normal iPhone camera can do a lot of things by itself. You may not need anything extra, but all of these things can add up and make your photography experience much better and easier. Soon you will understand a lot about which angles to take photographs from and how to do it in the best way possible. When you learn all this, you can buy expensive camera gear and move forward from there, but initially, starting with your phone is a good idea because phones have very good cameras. You can always try to minimize costs in the beginning and buy more accessories later on. You can try to take most of your photos in the sunlight instead of buying lights. Instead of underwater cases, you can get plastic bags specially made for this much cheaper purpose. You can use all these ways to better upgrade to better camera gear if you wish later on. You can also use this time to learn more about apps for editing. Such as the various editing applications and how you can get better at it.