How Advanced Will Tech Get In 2021?


Technology has been advancing exponentially, and the dire need for it has increased ever since the Covid-19 outbreak. The pandemic halted all services, and it increased the need for social distancing and contactless systems. We can only overcome this problem with remote access to systems and technology. Technological advancements are like a river flowing rather than still water. Even if you are not an IT professional or a computer engineer, it is important to stay up to date with the inauguration of new technologies in the market. 

Artificial Intelligence – Close to being Humans?

Artificial Intelligence is now doing the tasks that humans could perform. For instance, instead of entering data from your email to software to perform analysis, an AI can simplify the process. Machine learning has further developed AI. It is definite that you must have taught something to a child, and the child ends up learning it. Analogously machine learning does the same. You can train and provide experience, and the algorithms can improve. Therefore, AI can perform human capable tasks through machine learning. Examples include Alexa, Siri, and Cortana.


The human mind is efficient but yet has its limitations. Elon Musk has mapped out a revolutionary technology called NeuraLink. It is capable of boosting your learning capacity and overall efficiency of the brain. The technology has been tested on a monkey to make them play video games. There are controversies regarding the same, but the idea is worth billions; one-day human civilization will be capable of accessing the full brain capacity. The NeuraLink brain-computer gets implanted into your brain. The technology is currently unavailable for public usage. 

Automated Smart House And Cars

Have you heard the phrase? Man is getting lazier as technology flourishes, and so the next evolution will be shorter feet and larger eyes. Controlling your house like changing temperature, lights, TV, fans, or turning on the heater is now possible with a remote or command from your voice. There is no fuss involved in using the switchboard and walking in the dark. Getting house alerts has become faster with increased security due to it sending updates in real-time. Tesla’s Cadillac Super Cruise is capable of being fully automatic. It can read road signs and change the car speed like a human. While it is in the development stages, the scope of going fully automatic is relatively high, and by the end of 2021, your dreams might come true. 

Augmented Reality

Humans do have a shorter life span when the world starts getting smaller and busier. Traveling abroad going to space might seem like a dream for some, but all this is about to change, and most of all, commoners can benefit from it. Imagine being able to go to a world where you can see things as if you are there in a matter of seconds. The AR has already been used in Snapchat and Instagram filters but has a long way to go. If the AR is advanced to its full potential, gaming will get revolutionized.

Hyperloop Project

The hyperloop project will make travel much more comfortable; it will be one of the fastest running vehicles on land. The virgin hyperloop is considered a new way of transport. In the future, there will be an option along with planes to travel faster, and hyperloop is the key. SpaceX and Tesla are concept developers, and a big shout out to Elon Musk. Hyperloops are being developed, and human test rides have also been taken; it will soon be a reality. It has also proven to be a greener option.

Smart Telescopes


Gone are the ways where you could see the spectacular starry sky in the night with the eyepiece and remember it in your mind as a memory. Smart Telescopes like the Vanos Vespera use wi-fi technology to make your mobile device a screen to save and view the image as if you are staring at it from the eyepiece. If you are an astronomy geek or a romanticist, this tech will help you realize the beauty of the universe. It costs around $1560. Another exciting feature about the smart telescope is that you can schedule it as per the sightings of an asteroid or a comet passing by so that you don’t miss it and can view it the next day if you fall asleep. 

Apple Watch 6

Normally, you would run to the doctor or a healthcare facility to check things like heart rhythm and blood oxygen. Now with the advancements of generations of Apple watches, they can do these tasks for you. Apart from this, it will log the data into your phone quickly, and prediction algorithms can track your heart rate variability, sleep patterns, and so on. Well, that’s not entirely it; with the help of an Apple watch, when you have a halt to your pulse, it can send help so that the paramedics can rush and take care of you, expanding your life span and keeping you safe. Another exciting feature about the Apple watch is that the doctors can track their patients’ well-being and recommend medication when abnormal activities are detected. 

Bluetooth Speakers – What’s new?

Gone are the days where you would have to sit beside the speakers to hear clear and crisp audio. Harman Kardon Aura 3 Bluetooth speaker throws sound in all directions, i.e., 360 degrees. This implies that the sound quality is equal in all directions, and you can enjoy your favorite music with good quality anywhere in your entire room. Apart from this is the installed LED light that sets the environment making it calm and ambient. 

Water Bottles

Things as simple as a water bottle have been made a technological hybrid. Now, there are water bottles available that can maintain the temperature and can signal you when to drink water, helping you track your health.

The Toothbrush Of The Future

In the earlier days, we have seen electronic toothbrushes with a rotary brush but have to be moved by your hands to make sure you get every area clean. The Oral-B 10 toothbrush has sensors that detect places you may have missed out on while brushing, ensuring a cleaning efficiency of 99.99%.


Technology has been advancing so rapidly that some human jobs might disappear. Keep yourself updated with technology so that you walk hand in hand with the world. The future is bright for humankind with so many new and exciting technological advances.