Hidden Features For Android Phones


Our Android has many valuable features that we may sometimes overlook some of the basic configurations. Sometimes they are hiding just in front of our eyes and sometimes buried so deep that you’ll never discover them without diving deep. 

With this article, you can know all the killer features your phone must be having. Even if you’re an Android power user, read the post to make sure you understand every single toggle, menu, and utility on this list. Let’s see seven clever features and valuable tools for your android phone. 

7 Hidden features for android phones

Hidden Feature #1: Use Two Apps At The Same Time

It is probably the most helpful feature in androids where you can simultaneously use two apps on the screen. For those who have to send documents or write emails, it is a life-saver feature. 

If you haven’t used the feature before, you may take some time to know exactly what to do. To use two different apps on split-screen, tap the app switcher button, or in case you’re using gesture navigation in your Android, you just have to swipe up from the bottom of your screen to enter the multitasking view. Now you have to tap on the app icon at the top of the thumbnail and then Split Screen

After this, the first app will slide to the top of your screen, and the app drawer or list will take the bottom of your screen. You can now launch an app from your home screen or select one from a multitasking view. Another thing to mention is that every app doesn’t support split-screen mode, and you can know this by simply trying to open an app. 

Hidden Feature #2: Unlock Your Phone Faster With A Smart Lock

Nowadays, keeping your phone secure is crucial. But if you’re the only one handling it, there’s no point in struggling with a super-strong lock every time you want to use your phone. 

Fortunately, Androids have the feature of Smart Locks. This feature will show a simple swipe screen when it feels safe to do so. You must be thinking, how does it know? There are plenty of options you can choose from; some are more secure than others. 

Just like Android Device Manager, you can download Smart Locks via Play Services. You can use the Trusted Location feature, Trusted Face, Trusted devices, and on-body detection. 

This is how it will work – Suppose you have entered your home location as a Trusted location it will only unlock your phone with just a swipe, but as soon as you enter your car and leave the gate, your device will start to ask for a pin or pattern. Cool, isn’t it? Similarly, you can also use the Trusted Device feature, where if you’re connected to Bluetooth or any other device, your screen won’t show any lock. However, the on-body detection may be a little weird as it works as long as your phone is in your hand or pockets, and as soon as you put it down, it asks for a password. 

Hidden Feature #3: Monitoring Data Usage Is Outdated – Control It

Nowadays, with excellent Internet speed and excessive usage, you have to watch your mobile data consumption closely. Android has given you a feature to do this, but many users don’t use the feature to its maximum potential. 

Usually, you’ll find the Data Usage menu near the top of your system setting list, or it may hide under a More option. You can also access the Data Usage Menu through the network signal strength icon in Quick Settings. 

If you go by the default settings, it will only let you know when you’ve reached the daily data limit. But by the time you get the warning, it’s too late to adjust your data usage. The best way to use the data usage setting is to set a few hundred megabytes below your daily data usage limit and enable a checkbox above the data chart. This way, the red line on the chart will let you set a shutdown point for your mobile data. 

Hidden Feature #4: Wi-Fi Direct For Quick File Transfers

We all have been there. Transferring files between Android devices has always been quite annoying. Luckily, features like Android Beam make transfers a lot easier. You can transfer files across a Bluetooth link by holding together two NFC-enabled devices. However, file-type support is limited here. 

Wi-Fi direct is exactly how it sounds: a system that creates a link between two devices via Wi-Fi. You just have to download an app to make use of it, and there are plenty on Google Play. As of now, SuperBeam is powerful and has a free version. To transfer files via SuperBeam or any app, you choose to use, you just have to share files and tap the phones. 

You can line up multiple files through this feature, and the transfer speed can exceed 30 Mbps. Large videos and files were never so easy to share, right? 

Hidden Feature #5: Live Captions

Google’s Android 10 came with a surprising gem to the operating system. It’s something that has more potential than you may notice at first glance. We’re talking about Live Caption, an excellent feature for those who have a hard time hearing in the crowd. 

The benefits of this feature are very obvious, but you can get the great advantage of it even on a day-to-day basis. You can know what a podcast or video is saying without enabling the volume. For example, you’re surrounded by many people at work, and you get this urgent multimedia message that you have to listen to; you can do it without putting on headphones with enabling live captions. 

Within a few seconds, words uttered in the video or podcast will start to appear on your screen. If you’re using Android 10 but can’t see the Live Caption option, you can search it in your system settings. 

One important thing to note: The live caption will only play where there’s some manner of sound taking place in the video. 

Hidden Feature #6: Bring Back Lost Notifications

That annoying feeling when you wanted to read the full notification but accidentally swiped it away, been there? Luckily there’s a solution to this problem. You can review all of your recent notifications on your phone. Follow these steps to bring your lost notifications back. 

Tap and hold the empty part of your home screen, and you’ll see screen adjusting mode. Choose widgets from it and search for settings. Drag the icon to your home screen and drop it in a place. You’ll see a list popping up. Choose the Notification log from the list and tap the icon to open up Android’s notification history.

Hidden Feature #7: Use One-Handed Mode

Phones have become more extensive in size, and they have become harder to operate one-handed. So here’s a solution. You can switch to a one-handed mode with a simple shortcut. If you have a Nexus or Pixel device, you’ll have this keyboard as your default typing option. If you’re on a Samsung phone, you’ll have to download Google’s version and set it as the default option. 

To enable the one-handed mode, you have to open up the keyboard as usual and tap and hold on to the comma key. Drag up to the right-hand icon to enable one-handed mode. Other phone keyboards also have one-handed options, but they might be harder to access than Google. To be more sure, you can search for a one-handed keyboard in your phone model. 

The Bottom Line

From keeping your phone unlocked at home to Wi-Fi direct, androids have some great features stacked in them, but they aren’t always known to all. If you own Android, these features will definitely prove beneficial to you but remember the features mentioned above may not work exactly the same in every model. It’s because different Android device manufacturers prefer to use other interfaces. If you can’t find a feature, use the search option on your settings list or search on Google about your model’s features. 

Whether you’re a pro user or not, these features will definitely make your daily life with your phone more manageable