Devices That Monitor REM Sleep Cycles


Good quality and branded sleep tracker can help you by offering essential data that can improve your sleep cycle and hygiene by avoiding sleepless nights where you are tossing back and forth.   

Many fitness trackers also offer standard sleep tracking features, which also monitor your heart rate during nights to prepare the data of how long you slept in every stage of sleep (REM, light, and deep). It also calculates periods awake. Some fitness trackers also measure blood oxygen saturation, which helps reveal whether you are suffering from any problem such as breathing disturbance that can interrupt your sleep cycle and make you feel groggy in the morning.  

 Best Sleep Trackers 2021 

Withing Sleep

Withing Sleep tracker is a device you can place under your mattress to record your sleep quality without wearing anything on your wrist. This device helps monitor many stats, including your heart rate, sleep phases, the duration of your sleep cycle, and the amount of time you have been snoring.  

Beddit 3.5 Sleep Monitor

Beddit Sleep Monitor is an unobtrusive tracker that can be placed on top of your mattress or beneath your sheets. One doesn’t have to wear any device or meddle with any app settings; you have to focus on your good night’s sleep.  

The device will provide you with detailed information on your sleep cycle, heart rate, and many more in the morning. This device also records harsh sounds from your mouth and nose, which is also a contributor to insufficient sleep. The app also offers necessary feedback on your bed’s humidity and temperature, which helps you optimize your sleeping environment.  

Much of this information is readily displayed in graph form, making it easy for you to analyze basic details.   

S+ By ResMed

ResMed Sleep Monitor takes non-contact sleep trackers to a different level. Despite placing it on your bedside table, this device claims it can easily monitor your overall sleep cycle, movements, sleep quality, heart rate, and breathing. It collects all this information by keeping tabs on the temperature level, light, and various noises to deliver proper feedback on improving their sleeping environment.  

The ResMed app provides powerful guidance in exercises and sounds that can improve your breathing and sleep quality. This app also encourages you to create a to-do list.  

Emfit QS HRV Sleep Monitor

The Emfit Sleep Tracker is a device that can be on top of your mattress. This device was designed for athletes, as it also records heart rate variability that determines sleep recovery. HRV is a time in between your heartbeats while you sleep. 

Compared to the other sleep trackers, the Emfit sleep tracker also measures the scale of recovery throughout the sleeping cycle. You will receive a perfect score when you get into your bed and wake up in the morning. If your HRV score is high the following day, you will be able to perform at a level without the risk of injuries.  

This tracker also measures QS (Quantified Sleep), which profoundly measures your sleep stats. It also records your sleep stages, breathing rate, and movements for one year.   

Withing Move

The Withings Move is one of the cheapest and most recent smartwatches available in the market. Despite the low price, this smartwatch provides quite a lot. It automatically tracks your slumber, so you don’t have to activate any feature before going to bed.  

In the morning, this device provides you a perfect sleep score out of 100. This score is based not only on how long one has slept but also measures every sleep phase’s duration during your sleep cycle. This device also provides 18 months of battery life, so there is no need for overnight charging.  

Polar M430

Polar M430 is considered one of the fantastic running watches, and this device also contains smart sleep features. The Polar M430 also uses accelerometers to provide helpful feedback and insight; along with that, it also provides actual sleep time, measures your interruptions, and provides data on your sleeping period.  

All of the necessary insights and feedback are in the Polar app, which helps you easily measure your sleep cycle and quality. 

Fitbit Versa

This smartwatch has a round design with customized straps and many applications and features, with a fantastic battery life that can last more than four days. This device has an optical heart rate sensor and gyroscope, and the versa is an excellent option if tracking sleep is as essential to you as tracking fitness.  

In the morning, the device provides you with your sleep duration and the different stages in the night, from light to Rem to deep. It also offers personalized insights after reading your sleep data.  

Oura Ring

If you do not like the idea of placing a gadget under your mattress or wearing a smartwatch on your wrist that can make you feel uncomfortable, it’s high time for you to buy a smart ring instead.  

Oura Ring is a smart ring that performs all the activities of sleep and fitness tracker. This device can track various activities, but it mainly focuses on sleep and wellness. Every morning this device will deliver you your sleep score; you can also gather different information about your sleep stages, quality, breathing, and heart rate level. All of this information will be presented to you in the form of graphs and bar charts.  


Now that you know all the options available to you, it’s time to figure out what features you would want and use daily. Once the device displays your results, it is up to you to make changes in your routine to get better sleep each night. Many struggles with obtaining a good night’s sleep and monitoring your sleep cycles are essential to learning your body before making significant adjustments that might not work.