Devices That Fight Back Against Corona Virus


The pandemic had brought the world to a standstill almost a year ago. While most of us were leisurely sitting at home watching days pass by, some were able to rack their brains and bring many simple solutions to the multiple problems in our daily life.

This pandemic has seen a boom of inventions and devices made in mind to combat the pandemic. Say, for example, a hook to open door handles, and thermometer guns, and many more. With time we may see the adoption of these smart ideas in our everyday life and may be able to achieve a lot more, being another stepping stone in life history.

U-V Lights

UV lights are an essential disinfectant, but you need to keep in mind the problem with UV regarding the damage to genetic constituents. A Japanese company has made a UV lamp that can effectively disarm the coronavirus in an enclosed space without harming the people. Many companies are extending this to their products and supplying this as a simple tool for disinfection of articles in homes, offices, and public spaces.

3-D Printing

With the immediate shortage of medical equipment and factories failing to meet the demands, the 3-D community conspired to fill the gap. With 3-D printed masks, ventilator substitutes, PPE kits, other medical accessories like face shields, etc., the shortage in demand was aimed to be met. 

Hug Curtains

Are you worried about how to meet your loved ones amidst the social distancing? Or are you worried about being cold and left alone in isolation away from the embrace of your family?

Some people have thought it through and made these hug curtains. These come with pouches that help you cuddle without the fear of infecting your loved ones or having concerns about contaminating them. 

Emergency Ventilators

Ventilators became a limited and essential commodity during the pandemic. 

Hence understanding the limits and the money that goes into it, many people created more affordable and equally efficient ventilators to use as an immediate first aid on the patients.

Door Openers

Opening doors and clicking the buttons on the lift suddenly became a daunting task. With corona being transmitted via surface, it became a concern to touch a public place used by many. 

Many people came with varied ideas for door openers. With easy to carry and no direct contact, these help you in accomplishing your small task.

Robots To Your Rescue

Robots are all around us. Giving them the task which is too much to handle by the humans, the robots are being put to fair use. For sanitation purposes and as a representative for the students attending the online virtual graduation, robots are out there, making life easier for humans.


Last but not least is the vaccine. The researchers and medical experts from hundreds of countries worked together in the race to bring out vaccines at the earliest. Investments from the philanthropist helped in the distribution of the vaccines to all irrespective of the income.


The global craze from coronavirus is far from over. It is important to equip yourself with devices that help control and eradicate this deadly virus. Pick up some of the devices mentioned above to aid your combat with the pandemic.