Coolest Gadgets 2021


When it comes to cool tech gadgets, there are as many options out there as preferences. This year just about everything worth will be wireless, Bluetooth enabled, smaller, sleeker, and with longer battery life than ever before. And with this list of the coolest tech gadgets, you’ll get thrilled with the features and automation. Maybe they’re not as essential to your daily life as a smartphone, but they’re the gadgets you can’t resist buying.

Xbox Wireless Headset

The Xbox Wireless Headset is a better gaming headset than the company’s current Xbox One Stereo headsets. The earcups are rotating volume control dials, and there’s a high-quality boom microphone, similar to its noise-canceling headphones. Plus, the headset supports all the latest sound technologies, like Dolby Atmos.

Amazon Smart Plug

You might be very much impressed with how much you like this $24 smart home accessory once you start using it. If you can’t remember that you left a fan or window AC unit running on a vacation, you can open your Alexa app and cut off the power if it’s plugged into it. All in all, if you have more than one of these around your home, Alexa has some amazing power monitoring tools so that you can figure out which appliances and electronics around the house cost more, and you can adjust the usage settings accordingly.

Google Nest Mini

Google is still the top one for voice assistants and smart home platforms as one of the first companies to make voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence available to the average person. The Nest Mini, a small speaker, is fully inspired with the powers to command your smart home. It’s rare to have to repeat yourself or raise your voice to get the Nest Mini to understand you once you get used to the particular ways of interacting with a voice assistant. Even when you’re half-asleep at 1 a.m., you can tell it to turn off the lights.

Le Feu Bioethanol Fireplace

These fireplaces burn bioethanol produced from biomass like plant waste or straw. This fireplace cleanly burns while providing enough heat to warm a medium-sized room. Le Feu recommends letting a door open to maintain airflow as you don’t need a chimney to install one. Unlike the old log burner, you can move it around.

Wyze Night Light

These night lights have built-in motion sensors, and they light up when you walk past them. They’ve also got light sensors, so they’ll sense when it’s morning and shut down independently. They’re battery-powered, lightweight, and magnetically snap to a frame with sticky tape that attaches to the wall, so they’re ideal for installing and for anyone renting a home. Plus, you can easily connect a series of lights so that the rest of them illuminate the way when you pass it.

Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount 

This motorized phone stand will pair with the iPhone 12’s face-tracking. It capitalizes on the iPhone 12’s MagSafe tech, and you can magnetically snap the device into place and do your work. You can film a YouTube video or make a Zoom call.

Oculus Quest 2

You can strap the Quest 2 to your head, use the controllers and move freely in it because of its inside-out technology without any special equipment. It uses cameras outside of the headset to track your movement in your surroundings. The Oculus Quest 2 offers up an infinite number of destinations in a time where we don’t have many places to escape to, even if they’re only virtual.

Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera 

It is a cool tech gadget for all pet parents. The sleek Petcube Bites allow you to keep an eye on your pet when you’re not home and even provide a treat right from your smartphone. It captures and streams Full HD video via a wide-angle lens. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to keep a check on their pets with a smartphone app. Other key features include two-way audio connectivity, sending sound and motion alerts, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa voice commands. There’s also an option to use the product to connect to a veterinarian. 

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

A smart bifold wallet comes with a patented device that ejects cards from its aluminum storage pocket with the press of a button with an RFID coating that protects against identity theft. It has space for at least ten cards, as well as a strap for carrying receipts and cash. Ekster has made the wallet from high-quality leather that comes in a variety of colors. It has an optional Bluetooth tracker that is also available — this sleek gadget has a maximum range of 200 feet, and is powered by light, so it doesn’t need a battery.

Grovemade Wood MagSafe Stand

This elegant stand-by Grovemade is an excellent MagSafe accessory for iPhone 12 and Pro. The gadget works with Apple’s MagSafe charger with sanded maple or walnut wood accents. It can hold the iPhone 12 in landscape or portrait mode. Grovemade also offers a MagSafe charging dock if you prefer your iPhone to charge while flat. It has an impeccable exterior with its stainless steel base, wood accents, stand leather, and a natural cork base. It weighs about 3 pounds.

Satechi Quatro Wireless Power Bank

The Satechi Quatro power bank can charge an Apple Watch and a trio of additional gadgets on the go. It consists of a wireless charging pad and a pair of USB ports C and A in addition to an Apple Watch dock. The battery pack has a 10,000 mAh capacity to charge an iPhone fully and has plenty of power left for other gadgets.

Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth Speaker

This Sony’s Bluetooth speaker produces a bass-heavy sound that challenges its small size, thanks to its EXTRA BASS tech. This speaker has a fully waterproof build and a colorful design with an IP67 rating. There are several colors to pick from, like black, taupe, coral pink, and shades of blue. The product’s 16-hour battery life is also awesome, considering how compact it is. The ability to connect a pair of speakers in stereo mode with its convenient controls and a loop for attaching an added strap round up the product’s key features.

Blunt Metro Umbrella- Wind-Resistant 

The Blunt Metro umbrella can withstand wind of up to 72 mph, thanks to a lot of innovative design. This umbrella is also composed of fiberglass ribs and a canopy crafted from a water-repellent, high-density fabric. Available in various colors, the device has patented canopy tips, which are part of its tensioning system and are safe for the people around you. 


There’s plenty for people who like new and cool gadgets, whether it’s a smart home device, an accessory for the games console, or the best charger. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of all the coolest and most exciting new gadgets of 2021 that you’ll surely love.