Cool New Tech Coming In 2021


The year 2021 saw many things, Elon Musk being the wealthiest tech billionaire to rise in bitcoin prices, and even Elon Musk losing his richest person title. Apart from this, tech producers worldwide have been busy during the lockdown to make groundbreaking techs. The annual CES trade show in 2021 saw different technologies such as robots doing human tasks like playing the piano, high-resolution high-tech TV displays, and many more. Here is a list of remarkable technologies that will help change the way you live and give you comfort. 

Ampere Shower Power

Singing your favorite songs in the shower is a favorite hobby that most of the population possess. The thought of having a speaker in your bathroom is something that has crossed the minds of many. What if you could have one? Yes! That’s true. You can have a speaker in the bathroom. Instead of having a speaker powered by batteries or electricity, the Ampere Shower Power harnesses the shower’s energy and utilizes it to power the speaker. Now you can have fun in the shower. 

Wyze Bulb Color

It sucks when you have to switch off the light manually when you go to bed or when you can’t find the light switch in the dark. Wyze Bulb’s color is voice-activated, and so when you say, “let there be light,” you literally illuminate the surroundings. Furthermore, the Wyze Color Bulb can emit different wavelengths of light, i.e., you can get an option to change the color of the light with the touch of your phone. Furthermore, you could also use your mobile phone to change the setting. If you are in a romantic mood, change the setting to warm light and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. 

Noma Magsafe Cases For iPhone

With every launch, care has been taken to satisfy the users’ demands and meet the growing standards of modern-day technology. The new iPhone 12 series is compatible with Magsafe, a tool that could help you store cards, be used as a contact charger, and turn it into a wireless mouse. Therefore, with the Magsafe, a new ecosystem of accessories can be attached to the iPhone 12 series. 

Xiaomi Air Charge

Did you ever forget to charge your phone or connect your charger and forget to switch on the button? What a bummer, right? Imagine that you could walk in the room and your phone suddenly starts charging. Just like magic, you can see the battery percentage increase when you enter a space and boom. Well, it might be imagination for you, but Xiaomi has made it a reality. 

The Xiaomi Air Charge’s teaser had been released on the 25th of January earlier this year, and the rollout is soon to happen at the end of the year. Thus, Xiaomi has been able to achieve true wireless technology for charging mobile devices. Where people are trying to make compatible hands-free charging, MI has taken it to another level. The initial designs look compact and sleek, and it comes with multiple micro antennas that allow true wireless. 

Razer Project Brooklyn

Gaming technology has seen much more advancements than any field. The future is not far where humans will have difficulty distinguishing between reality and the virtual world. To immerse in the gaming world, the Razer Project Brooklyn is a gaming chair listed in CES 2021. The chair is high-tech because you have a rollout display, where you can remove it out and tuck it in, just like removing and putting back a sword. 

Furthermore, the display is OLED and 60 inches wide. The display allows the users to have a panoramic display. You can change your seating position with the help of your console, mouse, or keyboard. The chair also comes with hyper sense technology that allows you to feel gaming experiences in reality with zero latency. Combining this with the X-box headsets, you will be able to experience an actual gaming world. 

Apple Watch

Apple Watch series like Apple watch SE, Apple Watch 5, and Apple Sports Watch incorporate many features like live monitoring your physical activity and sending abnormalities to your physician if detected. Furthermore, if the Apple Watch detects that your heart stops beating, it locates and contacts the nearest hospital for you to seek medical care. Other functions like oximeter, workout modes are also available. 

My Pet Portal 

You may be a cat or a dog lover, but having a pet in the house requires responsibility and attention. Sometimes it happens so that you cannot give your pet attention due to multiple reasons, one of them being an immense workload. Since it might not be feasible for you to go hovering about your pet, you should consider using my Pet Portal. 

The myQ Pet portal is a pet door with Bluetooth. It also comes with a sensor, as when your pet tries to move out of the house, the door automatically opens or asks your permission to open the door when the sensors detect your pet’s wish to go out. In this way, you can keep your pets in check and make sure they don’t fall in trouble. 

POC Omne Eternal 

The POC Omne Eternal comes with a light attached to the helmet. The difference here is that you do not have to charge the light ever or use a battery source. The technology allows the light to charge with any illuminating source. Therefore, your helmet will be able to illuminate even without a charging source or a battery, thus achieving an eternal source of light.

TCL Wearable Display

Everybody is intrigued by spy gadgets, but most of all, the personal display on glasses tops the coolest gadget in spy gear. These wearable glasses are now a reality, and you can view the screen wearing this TCL device. You can connect the device using wireless technology to your phone. Furthermore, it is also capable of viewing in 3D. Who knows that smartphones can turn into smart glasses one day? 

Trova Home

The Trova Home security safe is not your typical security safe. It can connect to your phone where you could access the safe, with biometrics, passwords, or by a touch from your phone. Furthermore, the Trova Home Security safe has humidity sensors and maintains an odor-free environment. Rest assured your valuables are safe. The device is so compact that you can fit it anywhere. 

Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station

The Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station allows the users to charge five devices at once, with equal power distribution. Furthermore, the device is heat protected and has high-temperature protection. Furthermore, your wires can now be clutter-free. 

LG Transparent OLED TV

LG has a fantastic technology that allows users to see through the OLED display with 40% transparency. Many smart TV rivals have attempted this marvelous invention, but it seems that LG is ahead in the race. 

Devialet Phantom 1

The Devialet Phantom 1 Bluetooth device looks like a technology from the future or alien technology. This alien technology-looking Bluetooth has the best sound quality due to its two opposite woofers pulsate. They arrange in perfect symmetry for a crisp audio experience. The device also comes with an astonishing physical remote and supports a connection to AirPlay 2 to stream and jam on music. 


Technology continues to advance in ways that make our lives easier. The gadgets above are not all available on the market, but most will be by the end of the year. Keep an eye for other new technology that you would like to incorporate into your home, vehicle, or everyday life.