Common Computer Problems People Have


When you have to submit that important project and suddenly your computer crashes and everything freezes, you become clueless and annoyed for losing all your work. After reading ahead, you will no longer face these problems. Many people face computer problems, and luckily there are many online resources to help you solve any issues quickly. 

Sluggish Boot Up Of Windows

There is nothing more annoying than the slow boot of your PC. And this is the most common problem that you can ever come across. But did you know that the solution to this problem is easy as pie? Yes, this problem is the easiest to fix. 

Several factors can lead to this. But the most common issue is that many programs try to load in the background, all at the same time, when the Windows starts. You may even find that a new program starts to load when you first open the computer. It is beneficial in one way as it helps in the quick opening of the program during later use. But when too many programs start to load at once, then the problem arises, and your computer slows down. 

The Solution 

Press CTRL + Shift + Esc in Windows 10 to open the task manager. Then go to the ‘Start-up’ tab. There you find your lists of apps and programs. 

Then find the name of the program and see its ‘Start-up impact.’ If it shows ‘High,’ then right-click on its entry and choose ‘Disable.’ It will prevent the app from starting when your computer starts. 

Still, if you face issues, then there can be problems related to your drivers and updates installed in the hardware. 

Laggy WIFI 

Since most office, school, and college work is cloud-based nowadays, wifi has become a real issue. It is a bottleneck through which everything has to pass. And slow wifi is a terrifying thing during video chat connections on Zoom or downloading large files, which takes up more bandwidth. 

The solution

Everyone has a little different setup for wifi. But the first and foremost thing to do is turn the wifi off, unplug it for some time and then switch it on. But while doing this, make sure that your connection is down before you turn it on again. It ensures that all your caches are cleared, and you are given a new IP address. 

Another way is to restart the device that you are using. You can also perform a speed test to ensure the proper speed of your network. If none of these work, you can always contact your broadband provider to fix the problem. 

Frozen Screen

It is another problem that you will occasionally come across. Your computer freezes out of nowhere, and the fear of losing your work surrounds you from all sides. It can occur for inadequate storage or some spyware or registry conflicts, or even missing files. 

The Solution 

The critical solution, in this case, is just that you have to press the power button until it turns off and then restart it again. And after starting the computer, clear up your system to avoid freezing your screen anymore. 

The Dangerous Blue Screen

The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is already known to you. If you have used a PC for a reasonable amount of time, there is a high chance that you already know that. 

Your PC doesn’t respond for some time, and then it completely turns blue with an error message. Your PC restarts after some time, and your work may even be lost. 

The Solution 

it can happen for many reasons. But whenever this happens in Microsoft or Windows 10, the error message contains some extra information. That includes a QR code, and you can always scan that to get more information about the problem. 


Even if you have already invested a reasonable sum of money for your best laptop or computer, they are machines. And machines can falter at times. But they can be solved quickly, now that you know how to handle those problems. And it’s always wise to prepare for those problems beforehand.