Best Sonos Speaker Alternatives


Music covers far more significant space in our life than we realize. Evolution has wired us to be deeply affected by the kind of music we listen to daily. Undoubtedly then, it makes sense that we choose the absolute best for ourselves and our music choice. Unsurprisingly, moving on from Sonos is a little confusing since it is the best option out there. However, this superb technology is not always affordable. So if you’re wondering if there is another system out there that can compete well, you’re not the only one. That’s why we have prepared the best alternatives for you. 


Being the receiver of many awards, it’s not surprising that it is one of the first Sonos alternatives that come to mind. This works as a fantastic option for anyone who would be thrilled by a multi-room system with fantastic bass and high-resolution audio. It also does not cost the way Sonos would. It checks boxes for wi-fi, Bluetooth, voice control, and other things you would look for in a system with punchy bass.  

Bose Home 500 

This is one of those products on the list which make a list worth reading. If you’re looking for a rival in its most competitive sense, Bose Home 500 efficiently manages to leave us baffled with how good it is –and why it isn’t touted as the best instead of Sonos. With this purchase, you’ll be looking forward to a mind-blowing and extraordinary sound, topped with features like audio jack connectivity, wi-fi, and Bluetooth. One may say the best part about it is how advanced it is –because you don’t have to worry about your Alexa not hearing you from the other end of the house, thanks to its eight-microphone voice pickup.  

Libratone ZIPP Mini  

If you’re looking for a musical companion not hesitant to go with you to different places, you have your perfect partner in Libratone ZIPP Mini. It has a built-in strap which helps the purpose, combined with its handheld design. With the Bluetooth range it offers and its long-lasting battery, this Sonos alternative will be painless to set up. It also allows streaming on all the prominent apps and gives different modes of listening to music. For people who need their music with them all the time, this system is ‘the system’ that comes to mind.  

Amazon Echo  

Amazon Echo is one good option to choose because of how easy it will pair with Amazon products. The bonus point is that it is a much cheaper alternative, and you get quality sound in return. Its affordability is not the only attractive point of this system, though. You can pair it with other products and also enjoy the several features that come with it—calling some guests over to your place while your favorite soundtrack is on. Amazon Prime Music will set the mood just right, and you’ll be grateful that you did not have to empty your pockets for this one. 

Polk Audio Omni S6 

If your budget keeps you from getting a good sound system, then Polk Audio Omni S6 is safely your best bet. You can easily drown in the sound of your favorite music as you use the Polk Omni app and use your favorite services like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Pandora. Another cool thing is the multi-room setup you can choose by syncing up through its app. As far as looks are concerned, this sleek sound system is undoubtedly worth showing off. A drawback of this sound system is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, but it is wi-fi enabled and certainly comes with other advantages.  

Denon HEOS 7  

For the party animals out there, Denom HEOS 7 is the ideal thing –you’ll be stunned by its five amplifiers and just as many custom drivers. The two passive radiators confirm that the sound is worth looking forward to and big. It is the perfect mood-setter for putting the party hats on. Its bass is powerful, and the system offers an extraordinarily clear and loud sound. You can install the accompanying app and quickly set up the multi-room HEOS listening experience. Whether it’s wi-fi you want to connect to or use Bluetooth services for streaming the latest track on Spotify or other services, this affordable alternative to Sonos will have your back.  


There is not a shortage of options when it comes to getting the best system for your music. Everyone has a right over music, and wanting to listen to your favorite artists in the best way possible is only understandable. Being on a budget or wanting to try something different from the crowd should not stop you from trying new options. There are enough options for you to see what fits your priorities and bank balance. Ultimately, what matters the most is that you and your music get the system suitable for you.