Best Security Software For Your Laptop


Having your PC protected from any malware when you have got highly confidential information is a must! While a standard free antivirus software will do the work here, we will be showing what you pay for and what you get with some of the best security software for your laptop that will be listed below! Usually, when you use a phone, your security system has a VPN that does the job of protecting your internet traffic. In contrast, a password manager is used to keep track of your login credentials and top it off, and you get end to end encrypted apps that make sure there is no one spying while you communicate with others. 

While these are some of the basic security needs, while you use a laptop and, you must also include an antivirus tool, either a malware protection tool or antivirus software that will take a look at your monitors’ activity and keep control of the same. It will also stop any suspicious activity found on the system. While choosing a suitable software defender can be a challenge, here is a list to make it all easy.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Standing at the top is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, with over 500 million users and provides a full-featured package. With a simple installation process, you can get this app to get up and running! However, you need to create an account before you install the app. Once you finish with the installation, the app is straightforward to use and makes sure that you get overall protection. It also informs you of all the details about an attack. The features that this app contains while protecting your PC are as follows:

    • Banking protection
    • WIFI scanning
    • Secure file deletion
    • Password manager for all your passwords used
    • An option to add a VPN
    • Vulnerability scanner

When you get a free version, you can protect up to three devices without having to pay for additional licenses, while other products are in a competition that only protects one device. If you want more features, you can also upgrade your software to Bitdefender’s total security by paying an additional amount. 

This latter version of the software ensures the protection of five of your gadgets. You can also obtain an annual subscription to the software where it keeps updating its software features every year, and hence you get a maximized protection. 


    • Lots of features at an excellent price (or even free)
    • Integrated VPN options available
    • You will get updates with a subscription
    • A built-in password manager can manage your password in the software


    • Need a large amount of data to work on a platform

Norton Antivirus Plus

Another one of the best software that comes in second is Norton Antivirus Plus software, which ensures smooth protection for your system, be it Windows or Mac. This software is the recently launched version software of the company. Not only has the company stayed in demand for decades, but it also offers you an excellent price for annual subscriptions. Apart from the fantastic price offer, you get various controllable settings in the software, which you can customize for your device. One of its best features, namely, the URL blocker, does an outstanding job of blocking out any visits to malicious websites and protecting the system from any outside malware attack. Other features that this software includes are:

    • Advanced security on your private information
    • A global civilian intelligence network

You can see that once this software has been installed, it keeps on running even in the background to ensure maximum protection while also following an on-demand scanning option. Another feature is the Norton Identity Safe that works as a password manager for your browser. You can also upgrade your software and try out the new Norton 360 Deluxe, ensuring protection on multi-platform and devices!


    • Is up to date with any malware threats and works at removing them
    • Need fewer resources and is lite on the system
    • A real good price for the subscription makes up for enhanced malware protection


    • Browser extensions are unreliable

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This software that protects up to 10 computers is an entry-level software launched by the Kaspersky company. It might not have many features added to its list, but it has some of the best security essentials needed, and Kaspersky makes sure that they do this job on a magnificent scale. Its core capabilities are robust, with Kaspersky software killing even unknown threats almost as soon as they attack and saving the files and recovering them from these malicious software attacks. One can see that not much has been introduced every year and hence there aren’t as many features as you try to find in other software, making this a downside of the software. 

Some other additional features aren’t that useful as well. For example, Kaspersky has some ‘wizards’ used for browser configuration, but this only supports Internet Explorer and not even Edge or Chrome, which is by far the most popular browser used by many. There is a VPN option, but it is limited to only 200 MB daily allowance with no location choices. This, however, can be used when you are in very much need of the same. While also talking about features, you get the Kaspersky internet security, which has an excellent firewall along with a secure browser that protects all sorts of devices ranging from macOS, iOS, and even Android. You can also access some of the other features, which are quite common but has some great responses from Kaspersky, such as:

    • A password manager
    • Smart parental control
    • Automatic local backups for all your files

These are some of the additional features you get once you subscribe for the full security version though these aren’t necessary. 


    • Strong antivirus engine that will keep your computer safe at all times
    • Swift and smooth actions for all virus or malware attacks, even those which are unidentified
    • Anti-ransomware capabilities that are worth the praise


    • It does not have a bunch of features that you can add to the list

Avira Antivirus Pro

There is no better option than getting Avira Antivirus Pro. While you might not get some of the best bells and whistles that other software have, it can still do the job quite the same as others! Some of the features are as follows:

    • Banking protection along with secured online shopping
    • Anti-ransomware system which keeps your system security at bay
    • Email protection to keep you safe from scammers 
    • File repair options along with file recovery

Considering the amount that you pay for this software compared to the amount for other software, this can be quite the deal that you make! An antivirus software package that includes all additional that you have been looking to find!


    • Great value on the price you pay
    • Anti-phishing and web protection at its best
    • You can configure it as you like


    • Ratings from some non-reliable sources can create confusion

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

Do you want an effective antivirus option that not only keeps your system safe but also keep all the ransomware activities at bay? Then it has to be essential antivirus software, which is the Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security! Besides, you also get protection from spammers! The downside might be that this software might run slower than other such software, making it less expensive for older systems. The sunny side is that you get a free 90-day trial where you get to fully clean up your system and check out whether you like the software or not. If you want the software, then you can get an annual subscription that protects a single software. The features that you get along with this software are as follows:

    • Strong ransomware protection for your device
    • Advanced AI learning
    • Safety from email scams and phishing
    • Pay Guard for all your online transactions
    • Identity theft protection


    • Affordable pricing and hence a better budget option
    • Very easy to use
    • Strong protection against any viruses


    • A high amount of data on the system is required
    • There are limiting options as compared to other software

Final Words

Now that you have the list of some of the best security software for your laptop, it is time to keep your system safe while protecting all the files from any third parties trying to spy on your work. If you think paying for this antivirus software isn’t all worth it, then you always have your free version of Windows Defender, which will safeguard your system without any need to spend extra dollars.