Best Features To Look For On A Gaming Keyboard


Keyboards are an essential part of the life of PC users. It does not matter if you use a PC for regular office work or hardcore gaming. A good, well-suited keyboard makes all the difference. Not all keyboards are the same, a gaming keyboard can be for daily work, but you cannot use a regular keyboard for hardcore gaming. The reason why these different keyboards exist is due to the change in performance. 

Hardcore gamers do not use Lenovo, Dell keyboards, or the keyboards that come with the PC, these keyboards are suitable for essays and typing, but when it comes to gaming, you need something special. There are a lot of superior features involved in a gaming keyboard. For instance, even the material can be different in gaming keyboards. They are for better and faster performance with a more extended durability point.

Is A Gaming Keyboard Worth The Money?

You can use your standard keyboards for gaming and so spending money on gaming keyboards might seem useless. However, no serious gamer uses the standard set keyboards, and this is since they are passionate about their game and know the importance of a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards are more than just a flashy term and accessory. They give better performance, faster control, anti-ghosting, and so much more not offered by a standard keyboard. For example, have you ever experienced a delay in the reaction period when you are playing a game, and you use the designated key on time, but the screen reaction is a little late? This happens due to your keyboards and their reactivity. 

What are these features and specifics that one should look out for when choosing a good gaming keyboard?

Features That Matter Most

   Keyboard Type

Membrane keyboards are your standard keyboards and are the ones that come with your PC. They are cheap and easy to manufacture and are suitable for everyday typing and office work. These are the ones used in offices, schools, and cafes. However, if you are a keen typist or hardcore gamer, you might find these types of keyboards a bit frustrating as their reaction time is a little slow. Membrane keyboards work through electric currents, which are activated when the keys are fully pressed.  

A mechanical keyboard is a premium quality keyboard and is a gamer’s dream. These deliver a better and faster performance; the only concern with this keyboard would be its price point, but most gamers do not hesitate to invest a few bucks in these bad boys. Mechanical keyboards function via spring switches located beneath every keycap, making them work faster and react quicker. It all comes down to quality, so if you are a keen typist or gamer and need better performance in your work, mechanical keyboards are a clear choice. 

Mechanical keyboards are best for durability and performance, and so they function perfectly for an extended period without any damage. Membrane keyboards are made for regular use and do not offer any high-end services; the priority for these keywords is basic functioning rather than performance. You might notice that your membrane keyboards do not last long compared to the gaming keyboards. 

   Polling Rate

If you are new to the world of gaming keyboards, here is the term worth knowing. The polling rate is the responsiveness of your keyboard—the speed that your keyboard delivers the input to your PC. The time taken by the keyboard to reflect your actions on the monitor is what the polling rate is about. For a great gaming experience, you might want to look into a keyboard with a polling rate of around 1000Hz, while the polling rate in a standard computer keyboard is 125Hz which is relatively low compared to a gaming keyboard. Certain keyboards offer customization options with regards to polling rates; users can customize depending on their preferences.


Ghosting is by far the worst experience for every gamer. There you are, after putting so much time and effort finally about to slash that rare demon and make your way to the top, you are clicking all the proper controls when suddenly one command fails to register, and you lose. 

Some might be wondering what exactly ghosting means? Ghosting is the lack of communication or rather the presence of miscommunication between various keys. The multiple strokes capacity of a standard keyboard is three keys; however, this is not enough for a professional gamer. A gamer uses a minimum of five keys simultaneously. Gaming keyboards can simultaneously register five to ten keys, making them the perfect accessory for your gaming setup and ensuring multiple possibilities for your gaming skills.


Backlighting may not seem an important aspect when searching for a gaming keyboard, but it is always a plus point. Users can choose to have no lights, a single clour glow, or a full-on RGB lit keyboard (it does give the whole gamer vibe). It never hurts to have a little fun; whether you are gaming during the day or night, it is always good to have a lot of keyboard for your eyes. Also, it goes perfectly with the whole gaming setup that most gamers have. Having a backlight isn’t only about style it also ensures you press the correct key during the dark that is the whole point of having a backlight.

   Extra Keys

Extra keys may sound odd, but it does have a lot of benefits. It allows you to have various gaming abilities from beatdowns, mega combos to accessing, pausing menus. With the availability of extra keys, you can easily customize your device, reprogram it to your style and needs. You can figure out your preference and alter it accordingly. Certain keyboards provide users with the option of saving various macros based on different games. This way, depending on the game, you can simply select your protected functions layout and start killing enemies.  This is by recording and saving different key configurations to your system.


The price point of a gaming keyboard may be a little high, but most hardcore gamers do not mind such costs as long as the keyboard delivers high-end functions. Since you have made up your mind to buy a high-performing gaming keyboard, do not worry about the price. Make sure you find your perfect choice. Find out what your needs are and spend accordingly. Most times, buyers spend money without even knowing their needs and end up with a product they do not understand. So figure your preferences and pay accordingly.