Best Beats Products For The Best Price


Life without music is like dawn without dusk. Music assists us in bridging the gap between our heart and mind. It helps us to live basic movements in our lives like our birthdays. Music also helps many people to come out of their sorrows. It is also the most virtuous and ethical method of connecting to God. In scientific research, it is also proved that music is like a mental therapy that is very relaxing and soothing to the mind and body. The only thing is finding the correct type of music for yourself. Thus it is rightly said that “music is the essence of life.” 

Keeping this in mind, Beats has undertaken the responsibility of making everyone realize the importance of music and also connect to it by making sure that everyone, whether rich or poor, has access to good music listening instruments. So guys, if you are also engaged in the hunt for good customer-friendly audio listening products, then Beats is the company for you. It specializes in producing cheap yet durable audio (music listening) gadgets like headphones, earphones, etc. 

Power Beats 3 Wireless Headphones

Unlike the Power Beats Pro recommended below, the Power Beats 3 isn’t completely wireless. However, it still offers a better Bluetooth connection than Power Beats Pro. Equipped with Apple’s W1 chip, it supplies very long duration connectivity. When paired with ios devices exceeds the expectation of many users and puts forward excellent protection from a racket disturbance that you are likely to find in most places of the world. Provided with 12-hour battery life and a whole hour with just a five-minute charge along with a bassy sound with an active noise cancellation power, it is entirely worth its price.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones

While lacking the ability to endure long-term use, these headphones are the best for short-term use. From a high-tech use point of view, these headphones have the highest reach in Beats’ products. It has the Apples’ W1 chip, which improves connection speed with Apple(iOS) devices. The newer class 1 Bluetooth maintains the most steady connections ever made in the history of Beats’ products. A battery can work 40 hours continuously when fully charged and for three hours when it is on charge for five minutes. 

Doubtlessly, these headphones are the most advanced headphones of the Beats group. But from sound’s point of view, they are somewhat behind than the other Beat’s products, that is, they are not as ear-friendly as the other products are. So overall performance is good but can be improved.

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones

With a magnificent body made of jerk-proof material, these headphones are the most solid products of Beats’ company. If you are not that good at handling things and cannot prevent your hands from causing liquid mischief, then my friend, these headphones are the perfect music companion for you. 

However, their field of perfection is not their durability, and it is their battery life. They possess a battery life of 22 hours with noise elimination and 40 hours without noise elimination. Although they do not have a very high level of comfortability, they are fit to be the first headphones of the person wishing to get engaged with Beats.

Beats Power Beats Pro

These headphones are sporty types of headphones. These headphones have the upper hand in comfortability backed by remarkable nine-hour battery life. To date, their comfortability level remains unmatched. They are much more relaxing and pleasant to feel around one’s neck than any other Beats product. However, they lose their superiority when it comes to sound quality. Without proper bass and thrill, the standard of the sound is not up to that level of attractiveness. But with its battery life and comfortability, it still deserves to be on this list.

Beats X Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for something to listen to music with something simple, lightweight, elegant yet easy to use, then the Beats X wireless headphones can satisfy your needs. These are bud-type headphones in which the buds are joined with a lightweight, thin yet strong wire. The wire runs through the back of your neck above your shoulders. 

These headphones are way better by both technological and sound outlook than most of the other Beats’ products. Equipped with Apple’s W1 chip, these headphones put forward a high-speed connection with Apple(iOS) devices and an unbreakable Bluetooth connection with any device built to date. They also provide a non-stop eight-hour battery life and also a quick charging potential. When charged for just 15 minutes, these headphones can work for two hours straight. With an exceptional standard of sound, these headphones are worth considering.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

These headphones are well known for their sounds and supplied with the best quality sound-producing technologies. It is pretty clear in reviews that the supremacy of the sound clarity of these headphones has not been challenged to date. The noise elimination feature of these headphones is perfect. While wearing these headphones, you won’t be able to hear any sound of the external environment. 

However, their weak point is durability. They can easily fracture at the connections of different pieces. So you must be highly soft-handed to handle these headphones.  


Beats are a brand that many love and use often. The products above will help you find your perfect pair of Beats to accompany you in all the activities you enjoy. After buying a pair of Beats, you will wonder why you did not do so sooner.