Are Smart Glass Doors Worth The Investment?


Light control glass, popularly known as smart glass, has given a new dimension to architectural and interior designs. 

Smart glass, privacy, or switchable glass technology controls the amount of light that penetrates through the translucent substances, making these look opaque. The technology is beneficial in conserving energy, preventing exuberant natural light, privacy concerns, and converting open floor spaces into more functional areas. This article aims at explaining smart glass doors/windows, their application, and their overall benefits. 

What Is Smart Glass? 

Smart glass is very functional and can be for multiple usages. They add life to space and add aesthetics to the decor of the house. This intelligent technology significantly controls sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays. Smart glasses are convertible from clear to shaded or entirely opaque on demand. 

Why Should I Invest In Smart Glass Doors? 

Do you want to create a theatre room? Want a dimming effect and have a relaxing private time at home with your loved ones? Well, smart glass is the answer for all. Read on to explore the benefits associated with smart glass doors.

More Cost-Effective 

The smart glass prevents buildings from overheating by blocking 99% of the light from penetrating through the walls. Since smart glass keeps the spaces significantly cooler naturally, the need for air conditioning reduces, and you can save on energy bills. 

With technological advancements, interior design and architectural engineering have come a long way. Buyers these days are more aware of the environment and want to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Therefore, they press on buying energy-efficient, cost-effective homes and yet save the environment. 

Futuristic Design 

Smart glass can be anywhere, and constructing buildings that feature switchable glass is an upscaling trend. Soon, more people will turn to smart glasses to make their homes more appealing, more relaxed, and energy-saving.


Smart glasses doors or windows stand out and give an elite look to your house. Besides, appealing features also add privacy, giving you personal space. This is a salient function that has attracted many house buyers. You don’t need to pull the curtain strings anymore to cut off the traffic sound of your street; instead, grab a remote and protect your privacy by adjusting the opaqueness of your smart glass windows or sliding glass doors.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Smart glasses are aesthetically pleasing. Replacing fogged-out glass, outdated blinds, and bulky curtains, smart glass has drawn the buyers’ attention. These are more sophisticated, significantly appealing, and elevate the worth of your property. 

Makes Your Space Looks Bigger

More light, good ventilation, larger rooms are some of the features home buyers vouch for each time. With large spaces and windows, you need to spend more on outdated curtains to cover, and for electricity bills, as more extensive the window panes, the more will be the heating and lesser privacy. With smart glass, you get many added advantages. The house remains unaffected by the outside temperature to a lot of extents. 

How Does It Work? 

Visible light, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays are converted from opaque to translucent using smart glass technology powered by electricity. This is what you call dynamic light control. When the technology is off, particles scatter, creating opaqueness, giving you a moment of privacy, solar control, and dimming effect. 

This technology’s salient feature transforms transparent surfaces by lining up molecules uniformly inside the glass when the power is off. The particles then get scattered randomly; the light can not penetrate through the film. In a nutshell, you can control the shading, opaqueness, dimming effect, etc., by altering the voltage. 

Switchable glass or smart glass technology is either powered by transformers or controllers to manage the voltage. The ones powered by electricity never turn entirely opaque and depolarize; in other words, they become transparent in the absence of electricity. 


  • Hotels

Relaxing spa, cozy and private lounging, clean and elegant spaces are all you expect of a decent hotel. Perhaps, this is why hotels use LCGs (light-controlled glass), knowing your expectations. LCGs efficiently convert smaller areas into bigger appearing spaces and yet are intimate. You will mostly notice smart glass doors in the hotel corridors, common rooms, spa, and bathrooms—especially the bathrooms where guests can control opaqueness and dimming effects. The glass can transform from privacy to clear and back to the previous model as per your convenience. 

  • Hospitals

LCGs have replaced the outdated, bulky curtains in hospitals. It creates privacy for the patients and adds value to the healthcare industry as it doesn’t carry bacteria and disease-spreading agents, unlike the drapery. Easy to clean and maintain smart glass doors are apt for creating soundproof partitions. These partitions allow safe contact; nurses and doctors monitor patients without entering their room, eliminating the root cause of contamination and ensuring both the patients’ and caregivers’ safety. 

  • Office Partitions

Powered by electricity, these switchable glass partitions add an oomph factor and create an elegant ambiance. These can easily be converted into common to private or back to shared spaces. LCGs have busted the privacy concerns in offices; at any moment, you can create a switch from privacy to shared mode. This technology has helped in upscaling and maximizing the small spaces. LCGs are used the most in office areas like cafeterias, cabins, cubicles, conference halls. 

  • Residential

You may have noticed a remarkable shift in home interiors, and you may find switchable glass windows and smart doors replacing the traditional ones. Homes have become more energy-efficient and sophisticated. Blinds and curtains are no longer required to control street noises, and light as LCGs serve the purpose way better than these. 

  • Retail

Innovative visual merchandising authorized retailers to obtain the full benefit of their store’s most profitable real estate. Smart glass technology enables 100% utilization of storefront windows for promotion or entire transparency to help views into a store.

Smart Glass technology allows projection which serves multiple benefits for the retail purpose. It replaces posters and stickers since they take time to be created and appropriately installed, replaces TVs that restrict views, and can pair with software for identical branding for global companies. Hence the messaging is more consumer-friendly and targeted.

  • Automobile

Smart glass is quickly getting popular for temperature control and adequate shade in the transport division. Smart glass with SPD enables apparent impressions through sunroofs and windows, at the same time minimizing solar beams, which cause skin damage, glare, and interior breakdown.


Smart glass doors and windows are picking up well in the residential, hospitality, automotive, corporates, and retail industries. Not only can they save you money they also can control visible light, conserve energy. The best feature is its ability to transform a clear glass into a private shade and make spaces look more prominent.