App Controlled Indoor Gardens


Having your own small cozy green corner or a small herb patch in the house doesn’t take much. You don’t need a lot of space for that; in fact, you can create a miniature replica of your garden indoors with smart technology. Some smart gardens are exceptionally designed to light up your space, that too, at a reasonable cost. Read on to explore the most creative indoor gardens.

Click and Grow Smart Garden Planter

Growing herbs indoors is now doable with the Click and Grow Indoor Smart Garden. It is a unique product to grow a kitchen garden even in a compact space. You don’t have to put in a ton of effort; put water in the reservoir along with a nutrient in small quantities. Apt for keeping in the kitchen, this product has an in-built grow light that makes it look even more appealing. The only downside of the product is its expensive refill pack, but the same look is so overpowering that you forget the practical aspects. We bet this product won’t go unnoticed and you will receive many compliments for it. 

LeGrow Smart Garden

A modular indoor smart planter, this product is customizable. You can stack the planters one upon the other and add more gradually. LeGrow Smart Garden is a very functional and versatile model with humidifiers, in-built clocks, grow lights, and unbelievably even cell phone chargers. 

The best part of the product is its modular feature, portability, and cost-effectiveness. However, when it comes to watering, the model is not equipped with an automated water system which is the only downside. The plate in the bottom can hold little water to keep the plant hydrated, making it slightly more forgiving. Legrow is perfect for growing small plants or herbs, and you can place them lined up on one of your kitchen shelves or counters, making your kitchen come alive.

Botanium Hydroponic Grow Kit

Looking after indoor plants has become easy with Botanium. It has a water reservoir in the bottom that is refilled every few weeks with water and a nutrient supplement in a small quantity. Instead of soil, porous stones support the growth of plants in the Botanium. The product comes with an automated water system, supplying water and required nutrients every three hours to your plants. Reusing the excess nutrients drained back into the reservoir makes the Botanium Hydroponic Grow System unique and energy-efficient. So if you are a plant parent, you are going to love this one.

You can use a grow light to place it anywhere irrespective of the sufficient natural light in the house and grow plants through the year. The Botanium planter needs a power plug-in and no option for batteries which is the only downside. 

Veritable Indoor Smart Garden

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden is a Smart planter designed by the Veritable creative team in 2014. The Smart Indoor planter is quite similar to Click and Grow, but the Veritable outboard the Click and Grow in terms of design. There are many variants of this product, adding a class to your kitchen.

A reservoir in the bottom holds the water and nutrients and automatically supplies the water and nutrients to the plants, requiring top-up in a few weeks. 

The model comes with two different LED grow lights that give sufficient light to the plants. 

Custom-designed lingots are seeds for refilling that slot into the planter. These are organic seeds containing essential nutrients like biological substrates for your baby plants. The only downside is its high price. Nevertheless, the product is awe-inspiring. 

Plantui 6 Smart Garden

Another automated planter for growing your kitchen garden is that the Plantui is a great product to come sider if you have less space outdoors. A modern, sleek design with in-built grow lights is all you need. Its smart features allow you to grow greens anywhere in the house without much maintenance, as it does its job well without your intervention. 


Having your green patch doesn’t require large outdoor spaces; you can still grow herbs, greens, and veggies indoors with the app-based smart planters. So, you can have an indoor kitchen garden at the same time brighten up your space, with minimal or no maintenance given these planters’ smart features.