All You Should Know About BMW’s New iDrive OS


It’s been over two decades since BMW’s iDrive was in the limelight. Currently, the 7th generation software system is used, which makes you drive beyond your comforts.

BMW iDrive 7.0 is the BMW operating system, the newest version of BMW’s communication and entertainment system. Under this system, several functions are under control under this system, including the Liquid-crystal display panel constructed in the dashboard and a control knob on the center console.

Various software such as BMW’s computers, communication, navigation, entertainment, vehicle information, media controls, and phone internet connection is under this software’s power.

It features stylish interiors with cabin space which makes your drive comfortable and easy. The functional design makes it compatible to function via a rotary dial and some key shortcut buttons. With a 12.3 inch display, its interiors have a hybrid approach with a steering wheel and voice control to your service.

The below given BMW models manufactured since 2018 include the BMW iDrive 7.0 version.

G08 BMW X8

G07 BMW X7

G06 BMW X6


G02 BMW X4

G01 BMW X3

I12/I15 BMW i8

I01 BMW i3

G29 BMW Z Series

G16 BMW M8

G15 BMW 8 Series

G11 BMW 7 Series

G32 BMW 6 Series

G30 BMW 5 Series

G22 BMW 4 Series

G20 BMW 3 Series

The Features Available

Though this version is in its seventh generation, it close to the MBT Evo architecture introduced in 2016. It also includes the BMW Live Cockpit system to its existing OS and brings together a digital driver console and various other features.

With a 12.3 inches’ central display, it includes a slicker and interactive user interface. One can easily switch between screen modes which make their way to the iDrive smoothly. By keeping aside its conventional meter console, BMW has replaced it with the same LED display. 

With an edged, realistic picture quality, one exciting and unique feature includes accents around the display that change with every riding mode. A sport mode confers a sporty gist to the driver while turning red. 


The Live Cockpit Professional package having a 12.3″ touch control screen, is well equipped in the infotainment display of BMW OS 7.0, including navigation, communication, car control, media, and applications. But most importantly, one can smoothly customize the home screen via a mobile-like feature present at the top and on the left side of the screen. A personalized menu allows you to eliminate repetitive apps from the list to keep your main menu free of any unwanted apps. 

One of the most exciting features includes gesture control. We’re in the innovative generation of cars, and instructions can be fulfilled within a few gestures. For instance, imagine driving 90 mph along the roadside, and you plan on increasing the volume of your music. With this next-generation technology, all you have to do is a gesture by pointing your fingers towards the screen and then rotate it in a clockwise direction. And there you go! You will hear the speakers raising high. Want the music a bit low? All you got to is rotate your fingers in the other direction! Apart from music, one can even control gestures that include answering or rejecting a call, choosing navigation settings, camera settings, and swapping functions back and forth. 

New Android Feature

Above all, there’s some good news for the Android user owners. You can now get your auto functionality along with the iDrive system. The brand new BMW iDrive 7.0 lets you easily add android auto to your settings by quickly updating it, and one can connect via a cable or even wirelessly. 

However, for smooth wireless functioning, one must include a Samsung, Pixel, or a Nexus smartphone that runs on higher Android eight or above. Once access to the BMW iDrive system, you can easily reach our favorite music applications. For a smooth drive to new places, you can easily connect to Google maps. For some good music, click on Spotify. Also, the iDrive controller helps control these applications while you have your eyes straight on the road. 

Did You Know That The Widescreen Display Could Be Split

This is to view more than one app at a time. Here, the screen divides into three parts- the left side has your apps aligned, the center is occupied with the main application, while the right side focuses on your time or your current playlist. 

Like Siri and Alexa, you will be thrilled to know that BMW has introduced its very own ‘BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.’ It understands your instructions on set heating, helps with navigation, plays songs, adjusts the environment settings, and provides you with car-based knowledge while you are bored driving alone. This personal assistant will also guide you through lonely roads, boost your energy by regulating the temperature, and re-energize some great music. 

BMW ConnectedDrive app and My BMW App are add-on applications that integrate your smartphone, be it an android or an apple, with the car. A full-fledge BMW Connected Drive App will replace these smartphone apps for a modified, user-easy, and simple mode. 

A digital BMW key allows one to lock and unlock the BMW conventionally. You can share your key with up to five people and can even restrict which functions will be applicable for your friends and family. BMW Remote Start lets the driver warm up, ventilate, and defrost the engine while you change locations from frizzy cold places to warm areas. 

Other Assistants Service Includes

Distance control sets the desired speed and will break or accelerate depending on the vehicle’s distance. Also, it optimizes speed during traffic. 

Steering and lane guidance assist- maintains a grip and steady hands while you drive through overcrowded and congested roads. Parking assistant- helps you through the narrow walls of a parking area by enabling you to position your car perfectly. 

The Bottom Line

BMW is mainly famous for its remarkable, next-generation technologies and characteristics and infotainment system. With the best in town, these features indeed add up to its authenticity.