Ways You Can Use Renewable Energy In Your Home


Renewable power sources are clean sources of energy that help conserve our natural resources. Collected from natural resources that will not be depleted, like the sunlight, wind, water, and air, renewable energy sources do not have any harmful by-products. Many experts estimate that we would run out of resources used in non-renewable energy production. Also, the level of pollution will be a significant concern in the coming future.

Luckily it is not very difficult to run a household with the help of renewable energy sources. Not only will it reduce your bills but also help you contribute towards clean Earth.

Development of Renewable Energy Sources 

If we continue using non-renewable energy sources (fossil fuels), we will cause irreparable damage to the Earth’s environment. At the same time, fossil fuels are fast depleting and would result in a scarcity soon. Renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, water, etc., are affordable and a boon for the environment. Their usage would drastically reduce the pollution levels and concerning health issues.

The time for clean energy is now. The switch needs to take place rapidly before it is too late. Though till 2019, renewable energy accounted for only 11% of all the US energy generation but fortunately, this percentage is on a continuous rise.

Main advantages of using renewable energy

The benefits of switching to renewable energy sources are many. To state a few of them-

    • It is here to stay and will not deplete. Unlike fossil fuels, wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy will not get over.
    • The environmental effects are also positive as it always provides clean energy.
    • Reduces pollution drastically, resulting in a sterile environment.
    • Low cost and pocket-friendly.

Renewable Energy Options For Your Home

It is the first step towards being a responsible citizen along with being friendly in your pocket. The main options available are:

Solar Panels

You can efficiently design solar panels for residential purposes. Many companies are working towards installing solar panels at home. This can be set up on the roof or your garden and will almost eliminate your electricity bill. You first need to calculate your electricity needs and then analyze the kilo-watt required for your solar panel installation. The solar electric system is a reliable source and pollution-free producer of electricity. It is a more comfortable, cheaper, and accessible form to generate electricity for your household.

Wind Turbines

If you have enough space, you can get a small wind turbine at your real estate to power your house. Though they look a little weird and make noise, they are not preferred in residential areas, but it depends on where you stay. Your farm or your country site home would suit the requirement. Wind power is a great asset and can quickly generate units as per your electricity needs.


This will work if your real estate has a source of flowing water nearby. You can divert the stream of water through a turbine and generate power for your house. Hydropower generation is a stable and continuous form of electricity but will work only for people living nearby a stream or river.

Solar Cooker

There may be people who can’t afford proper solar paneling due to space constraints or budgets. They may still use this renewable source by using a solar cooker or a solar oven for cooking daily meals. Using the sun to cook and heat your food is a great way to save on electricity. A solar oven can cook the food for free, and you will never have a cold meal due to a power cut.

Solar Water Heating

Solar panels do not necessarily need to be installed for the electricity generation requirements of the entire house. You can install solar water heaters to work as heaters without electricity. This system is cheaper than using a gas or electric heater.

Power Wall

A power wall is like a large rechargeable battery that stores electricity. It charges itself from the grid, which can be attached to a solar panel. It is a great way to save on electricity and lower your bills.

Solar Air Conditioning

Air conditioning uses a significant part of electricity consumption, and you spend a substantial amount on the bill generated due to the use of air conditioners. Solar air conditioners work in a similar way to a solar heater, just that it uses the hot water in the air conditioning system. Depending on the design of your solar power system set up at home, you may get the benefit of both the solar heater and air conditioning of your house.


You may have a small biomass plant or a biomass heating system that burns organic materials like logs or wood shavings to provide for your hot water requirements. They emit lower carbon than the burning of fossil fuels and save a handsome amount compared to traditional heating systems.

Take away

As mentioned above, there are many sources of renewable energy that can cater to your residential needs. Not only do you save money but also contribute to a clean and green environment. The utilities’ cost is increasing day by day, and so are the concerns about the environment and pollution. This is a significant reason to make a switch to renewable energy sources for our homes. The time to switch is now! Let’s bring in the change and work for a cleaner tomorrow.