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6 Hi-Tech Education Tools That Are Worth It

Hi-tech teaching tools are making their way into the classroom. Technical designers and engineers have noticed that teachers are always trying to find new ways to keep students interested in learning. Many teachers are finding that hi-tech education tools really get students involved and improve the classroom environment.

1. Google Class room

This hi-tech education tool offers teachers and students comprehensive curriculum guidance. Instead of homework packets or printed syllabi, teachers are using Google Classroom to transform the way they engage students. Instructors can create a class, add students, build assignments, distribute materials, provide feedback, and hold discussion forums.

2. Kahoot

Teachers simply sign up for a free account, and they can create games or choose from a game database. Until recently, games weren’t thought of as a good way to convey information. Game making on Kahoot incorporates videos, images, diagrams, and more to help teachers create something eye-catching for students.

3. Educreations

When teachers use Educreations, they have a plethora of tools at their disposal to explain complex concepts to students like they would if they were using a whiteboard in the classroom. Educreations videos can be shared via social media, so students can use familiar platforms for education instead of entertainment.

4. Tricaster

Tricaster is a simplistic news broadcasting software that students can use to create their own news show. Tricaster can be used in Audio Visual classes to produce a school-wide weekly show. Some softwares may not seem like they belong in the classroom, but you’d be surprised by their benefits.

5. Board Builder

This innovative tool connects with other Discovery Education products, like their eBooks, but teachers can also add their own media, like images and videos. Multimedia projects are a great way to get students to see a subject or topic in a new way.

6. Texthelp

Reading and writing are the foundational subjects that help students grow into strong learners. Texthelp has created a few different softwares to help teachers reach students who struggle with learning reading or writing from traditional teaching methods.

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