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6 Everyday Gadgets For 2019

In Las Vegas at the start of the year, during the huge CES Electronics convention, a plethora of mega elite brands revealed their newest tech entries to the market, all in a bid to permeate our hearts and guide us to buy products that we eagerly wanted to purchase for out homes and bodies. Subsequently as the year rolled on, more and more creative tech was released for sale, some at some sky rocketing prices but others that are quite affordable.

1. Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

The notion of interactive screens is not a new one, we are all accustomed to this tech with Amazon Echos and Google Hubs just to mention a few, but what makes the Lenovo Smart Clock stand out? its extreme simplicity. It doesn’t have the capability to stream TV or video conference but it has all the essential bedside basics covered. It can tell the time, charge your mobile phone and can even gently wake you up with a clock face that gradually brightens before your alarm goes off. Once connected to the Google Assistant the capabilities increase significantly.

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