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6 Everyday Gadgets For 2019

In Las Vegas at the start of the year, during the huge CES Electronics convention, a plethora of mega elite brands revealed their newest tech entries to the market, all in a bid to permeate our hearts and guide us to buy products that we eagerly wanted to purchase for out homes and bodies. Subsequently as the year rolled on, more and more creative tech was released for sale, some at some sky rocketing prices but others that are quite affordable.

1. Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

The notion of interactive screens is not a new one, we are all accustomed to this tech with Amazon Echos and Google Hubs just to mention a few, but what makes the Lenovo Smart Clock stand out? its extreme simplicity. It doesn’t have the capability to stream TV or video conference but it has all the essential bedside basics covered. It can tell the time, charge your mobile phone and can even gently wake you up with a clock face that gradually brightens before your alarm goes off. Once connected to the Google Assistant the capabilities increase significantly.

2. Withings Move Activity And Sleep Watch

This new device from Withings called the Withings Move, is a smartwatch that can monitor your activities and also your sleep. It can also sync with the Health Mate app and is equipped with a GPS tracker. However, the best feature on this watch is the fact that it can operate for a whopping 18 months without the need to be recharged. It is a timeless device with the analog clock look and it can be fully customized to the user’s unique style.

3. Mophie Juice Pack Access

Considered to be one of the most practical gadgets to be released this year, the Mophie Juice Pack Access is a portable charging case for the Apple iPhones. The pack is one to note as unlike most of the other charging devices, this does not cover up the Lighting port, thus making listening to music through your wireless headphones is not disrupted by the charging of the device. Mophie’s Juice Pack Access gets its power from any Qi wireless charging pad or its included charging cable, giving you up to 31 hours of battery life. It fits Xs Max, Xs/X, and XR iPhones.

4. Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug

If you are one of the millions of people on this planet that believe they cannot function on morning without there cup of Joe, then this mug is just for you. It works by using an internal heating tech to keep your morning coffee hot for approximately one hour. This tech has been debuted prior but it’s the 14 oz mug that is new to the market.

5. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Bose has released one of the greatest combinations every invented, cool looking sunglasses embedded with wireless headphones. If you throw a pair of these bad boy Bose Frames on during a nice sunny day spent outside, the frames themselves will play music, streamed from your mobile phone via a Bluetooth connection, exclusively for your ears. No other person will be able to hear what you are listening to as the speakers or of very high quality.

6. LG Signature OLED TV R9

The television can actually disappear before your eyes, the screen that can stretch to 65 inches and then roll back into a compact box. The television also has Google Assistant and Alexa, all of that plus the bonus of not having a cluttered view when you don’s want a larger screen taking up all the space in your living room.

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