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5 Common Mistakes That Shorten The Life Of Your Gadgets

Most people are not in a position that they can regularly afford to replace their devices, so that is the main reason to take good care of them. Just one cup of coffee spilling onto your laptop can fry it, one drop of your tablet while streaming your favorite movie and that could be the end of it. Simply loosing the grip on your expensive smart phone and it can plunge to its death. However, in this article you will find the most common mistakes that persons make that can threaten the life of their devices.

1. Being Cheap

Many persons are unaware that the specific charger and cable that is included in the box with your device is specifically designed for that particular product. If you have the unfortunate experience of losing your charger or the cable becoming frayed for some reason, do not just buy a cheap Lightning cable, that can negatively impact the performance of your device. More often than not these one-size-fits all chargers do not have the proper voltage needed to work with your specific device.

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