5 Apple Wallet Features


Having access to a well-established digital payment system is a must these days, considering the need for quick, online payments, contactless payments, and whatnot. Several modes of payments like credit and debit cards have come and changed the way we saw money transactions by making them simpler than ever. But the most recent trend has been contactless digital money transfer systems that have provided users with the ease to send and receive money with just a few clicks on their smartphones. 

People have found such digital wallets very useful to carry out smaller transactions, be it at online stores, offline shops, or even to send money to their friends and families. Other than that, businesses have also greatly benefited through such services, as receiving cash and keeping track of them has become very straightforward. After considering the need of the hour and how people have been switching from cards to wallets, many companies have started their product line extensions by creating a digital wallet of their own, and Apple is one of them! What is it, and how does it work? Continue reading to find out. 

An Apple wallet is nothing but a storehouse of all your essential finance-related documents. It is a digital wallet that holds details of your credit and debit cards, coupons, boarding passes, loyalty cards, student id cards, tickets, reward cards, and so on in one place. This wallet connects to Apple Pay, a system that allows you to use the cards stored in your wallet. Apple Pay ensures quick, smooth, and secure online transactions as long as you have added your cards to your wallet. Apply Pay and Apple Wallet is available to only iOS users, which means anyone with any Apple products such as iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, and Apple watch can use these systems by simply getting the applications from the App Store. 

Apple Card

Apple card is a credit card created by Apple in 2019, which Goldman Sachs issued. This is a digital credit card, which only exists in the Apple Wallet and is particularly for use with Apple Pay. Users can also track their purchasing patterns and expenses on the Wallet app, as long as they have used the Apple Card to meet the expenses. Apart from that, you can also get 2-3% cashback when you pay in stores like Nike, Walgreens, and even Uber, for that matter. 

Enhanced Security

The best part about using Apple Pay is that you don’t expose your credit card details every time you make a transaction, whether online or in-store. Since all the details are in the Apple Wallet, you can simply eradicate the need of swiping your card or entering the credentials. Besides, each time you make a payment through Apple Pay, you receive a unique dynamic security code (DPAN) and give your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID as a second-factor authentication method.

Shareable Passes And Rewards

As mentioned previously, users can store all the rewards and coupons in one place, the Apple Wallet, and then spend them using Apply Pay. However, most people fail to realize that you can share these coupon cards and rewards cards with your friends and families within the Apple Wallet itself. This means that even if a particular loyalty card is not useful to you, someone in your friend circle can still redeem the card and benefit from the discount or bonus. 

Maximum Safety And Hygiene

In today’s world, where life-threatening infections like the coronavirus are at their peak, it is best to make transactions through contactless payment modes as far as possible, and Apple Pay works just for that! By using this, all you have to do is insert the DPAN and then complete the second factor of authentication through your Touch ID or Face ID, which makes the entire payment process contactless. 

App Clips

This is one of the freshest features added to Apple Pay, and it is available only in ios 14. App Clips is nothing but a new way to provide the users with glimpses of new apps in the App Store. Users can practically see how a new application works and understand its uses without even downloading it entirely. This helps to stay in touch with new additions in the App Store without losing storage. 


All in all, it is fair to say that Apple is not just working hard but also smart in terms of coming up with innovations and marketing them to their strong customer base. Payment systems like Apple Wallet and Apple Pay have truly made managing finances much simpler, and we continue to wait for what’s yet to come!