10 Things You Could Do To Speed Up Your Laptop


Windows laptops and Macbooks nowadays offer plenty of functionalities that make your work easier and faster. Finding a good laptop after looking at all the must-have features and specifications to suit your work requirements is like hitting the jackpot. But this is just the beginning. Along the way come some roadblocks, the major one being the speed of your device. After some time, you feel the device’s speed has reduced, and you start contemplating how to fix it.

Nothing slows down your work more than a sluggish machine, and you surely don’t want the machine to waste your precious time. Knowing how to speed your system comes in handy for saving time. With the guide given below, you can be one happy soul when it comes to fixing up your slow laptop.

Make Your Laptop Work Faster With These Ten Hacks

Reduce Programs That Run On Start-Up

When we turn on a laptop, various programs start automatically with the start-up. You can keep a check on all these programs that use the operating system speed.

For Windows 10 users, you can go to the task manager and click on settings, click on apps, and then on the start-up tab. A list of all programs appears that get boosted along with the start-up of the machine. Here you can select the applications you don’t want to start when you switch on the laptop. So you can discontinue these applications by clicking on the minus (-) button.

You may click on the Apple menu, system preferences, and then user and groups for Mac OS users. Once you select your account, you see a list of programs that get started when the laptop is on. You can remove the ones you don’t need to start with the boot of the system.

Remove Programs You Don’t Use

This is another fundamental analysis that you need to complete. You must review the programs that you do not use any longer. By removing or uninstalling these unused applications, you free up a lot of storage space, which increases the laptop’s speed. You can later use this space for other essential apps. You can effortlessly do the uninstallation. You need to head to the control panel, select the program and click on the uninstall button under the program heading. 

The Mac OS users can easily do so by just right-clicking on the icon and moving the selected item to the trash option.

Clean Your Drive From Time To Time

The operating system includes a built-in tool that will help you clean your drives. Windows has a built-in tool that deletes temporary and unimportant files. You can search for a disk clean-up in the start menu. Select the type of files you want to delete and click on okay. This helps cleaning temporary files, log files, and recycling bins. You may also use a hard disk analysis program to know what exactly is eating up the drive space. Just ensure you don’t delete any important files. You may even download some free or paid apps that perform clean-up for both Windows and Mac OS.

Switch From Internet Explorer To Chrome

Chrome is a better browser than Internet Explorer. The browser owns a large chunk of the market because of its simplicity, speed, and security. Using up a lot of RAM space by Google Chrome can easily be solved using the updated versions. An essential part is to be careful of multiple browser windows that are open all the time. You may close the ones not needed anymore to speed up the whole process. Chrome also has fewer bugs than Internet Explorer.

Clean Your Browsing Data

Regardless of the browser you use, cleaning the history and cache should be an important part of the routine. Once you free up space, your laptop performance increases. To clean up Chrome, you need to click on the 3 bar icon on the top right corner, click on tools and then click on the clear browsing data. You then need to check the history cookies and cache.

You can clear the cache for Mac OS users by clicking on the go, selecting the Go To folder. You see a list of folders of which you can click on the cache. You may drag it to the trash bin to delete them permanently.

Regularly Scan For Viruses

Regularly scan for viruses and spyware. You can download an antivirus app and perform a manual scan, or you may schedule a weekly scan. You need one antivirus on the system. It gives you timely notifications to get the scan done and alerts you of any virus present in the system. This convenient check keeps the system healthy.

Add Up On RAM

This is one thing that can be quickly done to increase the speed of the system. You can add up more RAM capacity to increase the speed of the laptop. You can easily get the same done from the retail store you got your computer from or any service center for your laptop if you cannot do the same at home.

Defragmentation Of The Hard Drive

Defragmentation means restructuring the disk and grouping the files in a particular order to increase the speed. You can quickly get to know if you need a defragging of your device. Just head to the system setting menu under the storage tab and click on optimize drive option. This will analyze and show if the fragmentation of the drivers is required. Thus you can fragment the device further and increase the speed.

Switch To An SSD

You can switch to a Solid State Drive or SSD rather than a hard drive on the laptop. SSD has read and write speeds, which are much quicker than the hard disk. If the laptop supports an upgrade, this should be the go-to option. Though it is an expensive option over time, the prices have been reduced by the manufacturers.

Keep A Check On The Power Setting

It is of dual benefit where you can save on electricity and second boost the computer speed. You can do so by clicking on the settings tab then go into the application system. Select the power and sleep option and then click on additional power settings. Choose high performance, and there you go.


These small steps will surely not let the slow laptop become a hurdle in your productivity. You may use these little tricks to speed up the laptop and prolong using it without slowing down. Though laptops inevitably face a slower speed at some point in time, these tricks will come in handy and increase the laptop’s efficiency.